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    Evangeline Baptiste

    Player: Amy
    Contact: Email or PM

    Character Name: Evangeline Baptiste
    Character Age: 29
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: August 25, 187
    Current Location: South Huntswalk
    House: House Baptiste
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:House Baptiste earned its place doing the same thing it continues to do today: keep the populace healthy. Originally the private and personal physicians to the royal family, they earned land of their own through their service and loyalty. Over time Briarwatch Keep became a place healers and doctors were welcome to come and exchange knowledge, for the betterment of all the land.

    The Baptiste family earned and maintains a solid reputation for being skilled and discreet, and as such they still tend to the Royal family when the need arises. Most of the in-house doctors in the noble houses of Balfour were in some part trained by the Baptistes, and there are few cities and towns in which the name and good reputation of the family is not known.

    Castle: Briarwatch Keep

    Played By/Face Claim: Rose Byrne

    Appearance: Delicate. Pretty. Melancholy. All are words which have been used to describe Evangeline, and all can be considered an extent. With a small build and a feminine face, she can absolutely seem delicate. Her features are, indeed, pretty, and her large brown eyes can be disarming, often leading people to trust her easily or reveal more than they expected. The last term, “melancholy”, is purely a consequence of fate; it’s true the shape of her eyebrows and the curve of her lips give her a wicked pout, but as a person she is very rarely in any sad state.

    Despite being relatively high born, Evangeline dresses very practically. Oh, she has a small section of her wardrobe cabinet sectioned off for fine gowns and fancy clothes, for events which require her at court. Largely, though, her clothes are sturdy and washable, worn from use and as casual as she can get away with. When she’s not working she favors lighter colors, but for work her clothes are almost always dark, for unpleasantly practical reasons.

    Personality: Despite what is surely at times a difficult, stressful, and downright messy profession, Evangeline is a bright, happy woman. She finds incredible satisfaction in her work, and strives to always be better at it. As a child and as a woman, she loved learning, and she travels to seek out knowledge which not only enriches her life, but could very well help to save someone else’s. She’s deeply caring, her empathy coming as a comfort to those she helps, but there is a hardness, a no-nonsense edge that shows itself at times. Evangeline is a warm soul, soft and gentle, but she will not easily be pushed around.

    Eva is not all about work, though. Quick to laugh, she enjoys the company of others, and it’s not uncommon to see her in the public houses and performance halls, enjoying a pint and a laugh and a flirt. With a family that’s so busy, she relishes the time when they can be together as a family. Her work keeps her busy enough that marriage isn’t a thing she considers, and she’s content to leave the business of starting a family and producing an heir to her older brother.

    Sometimes, though, Evangeline finds herself with a need to be alone, and when that happens she seeks out the closest body of water. Growing up on a river, she took to swimming and boating, and the first time she saw the sea she knew she was in love. Something about its vastness made any problem she could be facing seem so small, and she found comfort in the rhythm of the waves, the pattern of the tides, and the mystery of its depths. Despite her curious nature, she loves that there is a space which is so close which hold so much that it would be impossible to know it completely.

    Personal History: Evangeline was born on a bright afternoon in the warmest month of summer, and the sunshine which streamed onto her face before she’d even opened her eyes seemed to color the way she interacted with the world thereafter. Second child to parents who had married for love rather than politics, young Eva grew up with a seemingly ever expanding family. It was a good childhood, though, full of misadventure and laughter, and largely untouched by tragedy.

    It was impossible to avoid the profession which had brought the family success, and even as a small child Eva was curious about what her parents did. Both were physicians, although they specialized in different things; her mother was a midwife and herbalist, and her father dealt with more general ailments. While she wasn’t allowed to meddle, all of the children were introduced to these things at a young age, and although they didn’t know it their training began sometimes even before they started regular lessons.

    It was perhaps not the most traditional family atmosphere; conversations about gruesome things were common over dinner, and having someone show up at the gate bleeding profusely wasn’t a cause for serious alarm. It imbued the children with a solid practicality and a sense of charity; none thought twice about helping someone who needed it, if they were able.

    Evangeline was no different. She had a strong sense of empathy, and a way about her which could be very soothing and comforting. Her mother thought her pegged for midwifery, but after a few months shadowing her mother on her runs, Eva wished for something else. Although she kept a small garden, herbalism didn’t call to her particularly, and indeed it was a random event which began her down the path she would eventually take.

    At port with her father, collecting a shipment of herbs they’d ordered from an island off the coast which could grow vastly different things, a small ship came in heralded by screams. An accident at sea, they said, half the crew maimed. Her father leapt into action, and Eva was not far behind, hauling sailors to steady ground despite her size. Supplies were gathered, and there, in the middle of the seafront, Evangeline helped her father put the sailors back together. Setting bones, stitching wounds, wrapping injuries; she shied away from nothing, and kept calm through the entire endeavor. By the end of it all it was evening and all of the men were in beds and safe, with Eva and her father both covered in blood but satisfied that everyone would live. They returned home, and although it was never discussed, Evangeline worked beside her father nearly every day after that, and now that he has retired, she took over for him completely.

    Family Genealogy:

    Archibald Baptiste (b. 104 d. 155) -- Corinne Morgan (b. 105 d. 167)
         Gerard Baptiste (b. 126, d. 182) -- Annette Kinney (b. 128, d. 181)
              Phillip Baptiste (b. 152) -- Amelia Frost (b. 160)
                   Henry Baptiste (b. 185)
                   Evangeline Baptiste (b. 187)
                   Rebecca Baptiste (b. 189, d. 216)
                   Anthony Baptiste (b. 190)
                   Yvette Baptiste (b. 193)
              Samantha Baptiste (b. 155) -- Jonathan Ripley (b. 155) **
              Desmond Baptiste (b. 160) -- Lucille Porter (b. 162) **

    ** - Open for expansion

    Writing Sample: The scolding mother’s voice was a constant drone, the worry she felt voicing itself in anger. Evangeline crouched in front of the boy’s chair, his arm in her hands as she carefully felt for the familiar structures of bone and muscle. The boy’s crying hadn’t subsided, and she knew damn well it wasn’t going to if his mother was going to stand behind her berating him for being so stupid as to fall out of a tree.

    “Ma’am,” she said, her voice kind but insistent, “If you could please, I’ll need a cold cloth when I’m finished, and this water’s warmed too much. Could I bother you to draw up a fresh bucket?” That would get her to the well, which was a little ways down the road. The mother dithered, but the look on Evangeline’s face gave her no room to argue, forcing her to leave and finally grant them with some quiet.

    Her eyes met the boy’s, and she glanced down at his arm when he had calmed enough to pay her mind. “This will hurt, but then it should be better, alright? I’m going to set this break, and then we’ll plaster it so you won’t hurt it more when you play. Can you be a big boy for me and do your best not to move?” The boy, obviously scared but determined to do what he was supposed to, hesitantly nodded.

    With one hand braced just below his elbow, the other at his wrist, Evangeline gripped and pulled with a strength that was unexpected for a woman of her build. There was a sickening sound, and the boy screamed and began crying again, but a quick check said that the broken bone had been placed properly. Just then the mother came back, a bucket of cold water in her hand and worry on her face. “What’ve you done to make him holler?” She was accusing, suspicious even though she knew she had no need to be.

    “I have set the break, ma’am. If you’ll soak a cloth in that water and wrap his arm in it, it will ease some of his pain, just make sure to not let it move. I’ll prepare the plaster.” The mother nodded, pleased to be able to do something to help her son. Eva knew most of her anger was simply vented frustration, at her son hurting himself and at her inability to help him. It was nothing she hadn’t dealt with before, and it was a promise that she’d deal with it again.

    A little more time saw the boy’s arm plastered, a pain-numbing tea administered, and coins exchanged. Another job done, Evangeline stepped out of the house and into the sunshine, and her feet turned in the direction of the nearest pub for lunch.
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