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    Tarran Hutchinson

    Player: Rick
    Contact: See my agent

    Character Name: Tarran Michael Hutchinson
    Character Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: July 11, 184
    Current Location: Fort Chesbrook Springs
    House: Hutchinson
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    An old family in a relatively young house, the Hutchinsons are sailors by trade, and have served loyally in the Balfourian navy for decades. Predating both the Farrands and the Calhouns, the Hutchinson family were the captains of the ships that settled Balfour after the royal union. They remained in the capital, serving faithfully, until the most recent regime granted Allen Hutchinson, Admiral of the Royal Navy, their current seat at Fort Chesbrook Springs.

    Allen wasted no time in building up the city, making it to thrive as a port and shipbuilding mecca. The docks produce one new naval vessel about every nine months, and maintains about nine of every ten produced there, with the rest being given over to the royal family at the capital. The fleet at Fort Chesbrook Springs numbers almost forty ships.

    Played By/Face Claim: Simon Baker


    Handsome and earthy, Tarran Hutchinson has inherited his father's blue eyes and his mother's reddish blond hair. He is well built, and has a charming smile, which is most often displayed while he is at sea. He prefers to dress casually, for all occasions, and very rarely settles on finery. He prefers loafers to boots, and only chooses the latter in cases of battle or severe weather.


    Tarran tends towards laughter in all things. He has a great sense of humor, and appreciates that of others. He is daring, and believes that life is short. He has a charitable streak, and is a sucker for the damsel in distress.

    Personal History:

    The eldest son of Allen Hutchinson, Tarran lived a charmed existance, being respected and fawned over by the members of the household. He was blessed with all the finest in clothing and education, and grew up to be a well mannered young man. Born on the sea, he was destined to traverse it as his father had before him.

    Starting at an early age, Tarran began to master the art of sailing, helming his first ship before he was tall enough to see over the wheel. He learned the waters around Balfour and studied charts day and night, until he knew every piece of coral and every patch of deep water around his homeland.

    When he was old enough to leave the island, he spent the better part of two years exploring Poltarus, mapping out foreign islands for the crown, and for his father. For the last decade, he has been the first line of defense against foreigners and pirates on the sea, and his ship, The Righteous Wind is easily distinguishable to most residents of Balfour.

    Family Genealogy:

    Bailey Hutchinson -- Suzanne Collier
         Lawrence Hutchinson -- Elizabeth White
              Allen Hutchinson -- Beryl Wickshire
                   -Tarran Hutchinson
                   -Gail Hutchinson-Jenks
                   -Marrin Hutchinson
                   -Olivia Hutchinson
              Daniel Hutchinson
              Marilyn Hutchinson-Blaine **
         Jackson Hutchinson **
         Gabriel Hutchinson **

    **Open to expansion
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