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Thread: Adam Sheridan

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    Adam Sheridan

    Thread Title: Adam Sheridan

    Player: Katie

    Character Name: Adam Sheridan
    Character Age: 28 years old
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: January 14th 188
    Current Location: Aston
    House: Sheridan
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:
    House Sheridan has only maintained their nobility status for the past sixty-five years. Having come across the ocean in search of freedom, over a hundred years ago, Zachariah Sheridan, a well-known merchant arrived in Aston and immediately settled his wife and two children at the time there as he travelled up and down the coast of Tuneric selling all kinds of goods that he could get his hands on. The Sheridan’s are devoted to the country and their loyalties to various houses and nobility are always expanding. They currently collect taxes from pubs, taverns, restaurants and places around Aston and Suffolk that they do business with every day over the years.

    Fifty years ago, the Sheridan’s were commissioned by House Rivers to deliver goods for their recently designed ships up and down the coast of Tuneric. While the patriarch of the family fell ill days before the journey, Richard Sheridan was asked to go in his place and Richard accepted wholeheartedly. The minute he stepped into House Rivers, he was greeted warmly by the family and was immediately taken by one of Lilly Rivers’ daughters Charlotte. Richard told Lord Rivers that he would do anything he was commissioned for if he was to have Charlotte’s hand in marriage and the Lord accepted. Richard and his brother Eugene went to work immediately becoming ship outfitters for House Rivers and within eight months, they had worked their way up to becoming ship chandlers making their family successful merchants. They pride themselves on their work and every person who works for the Sheridan’s find the families kind, warm, fair and stern, yet understanding and patient.

    The Sheridan’s worships Moressa and Yuscat, finding both forms of worship just as important as the other. The family in Aston not only own ships and lots of various shipping yards around the coast, they also have acres of livestock and crops that are maintained on a daily basis. They host annual celebrations honoring both of them in various, luxurious ways and everyone who worships any of the two is welcome to attend and join in the festivities.

    Castle Claim: Humewood Castle; DoE Name: Sheridan Castle

    Played By/Face Claim: Dean O’Gorman.

    Appearance: Unlike the majority of his family members, Adam stands tall at exactly 6 ft 1 with broad, laid-back shoulders and an athletic body. He has dirty blonde, short hair that he constantly runs his hands through, a sign of stress and nervousness. He has sparkling blue eyes that people seem to be drawn by and they squint when he smiles or laughs. He is in shape and has a muscular, athletic body having been working on ships and lifting crates of food and goods around since he was five years old. He weighs around 185 pounds and does love his food, taking at least seconds in main courses, sometimes even thirds!

    Personality: Adam is the spitting image of his father Richard. While his father was loud and enjoyed every moment of his life, Adam learned that life was too short to waste. So he also enjoys life and is not afraid to laugh and show his kindness. However he is also fair and stern to his workers not being around to be bluntly honest with them. He is in charge of all the vessels and ships and is in charge of the business affairs. Whatever their father did, Adam is now in charge of. He loves the shipping business, he has been working on a ship since he was five years old working his way up in the company when he was old enough to become an apprentice. He is very hard-working and dedicated to his work, so dedicated that he will lose sleep because of the business. He is also very stubborn when it came to certain topics especially work and does have a temper when angered.

    Although Adam is very hard-working and passionate about his work, he does know how to enjoy his family and his friends. He is very close to his siblings, especially Aislynn, his older sister even though she is a mother to three active, hyper boys who demand her attention all the time. They constantly write to one another and he seeks her advice on both personal and business matters. They grew up having tutors around and attending to their lessons together so they love to read and write certain articles.

    Being the typical male, he does also enjoy hosting and attending parties, hunting, fishing and occasionally going to a local pub to get away from the pressures of being in charge of the business and the pressure from his mother and Aislynn to find a wife. He simply is not ready, his heart is not ready for love just yet. Or so he thinks.

    Personal History: Adam was born the second child, but the first son to Richard and Charlotte Sheridan. His older sister Aislynn was two years older than him and they grew up close to one another having the same governess even though Charlotte fought with Richard multiple times about wanting to take care of her own children. Adam was their first son so he was immediately announced as the heir to the Sheridan business when he turned the age of eighteen. He drew up studying with his tutors in the daytime and in the evenings, his father would take him into his study and teach him more about the family business. He liked that extra attention that he got from his father at a young age. At the age of five, he accompanied his father on important missions and trades around the country and he loved every moment of being at sea. He felt important and he met all of the workers and the sailors and he found them both entertaining and educated when no one else did. He listened to them when he got older and followed every order that was given to him. He earned the respect of all the sailors and in return when he got older and took over the business when Richard’s health began to decline, the sailors and workers respected him and found him a fair yet stern leader. His teenage years were spent at sea and when he turned thirteen, he became his father’s apprentice until he fell ill himself at the age of sixteen.

    Aislynn had heard of her brother’s illness and high fever and having recently gotten married to John Fairfax, came back to her childhood home and stood by his bed chamber the whole week he was sick talking to physicians and making sure that everything was being done to take care of him. Adam still owes her his life and would do anything for Aislynn and his nephews. He constantly spoils his nephews, sending them gifts and when Aislynn does come back to Aston for a few days, he will spend all of his time with her and the boys. Three months after recovering from his illness, Adam returned to sea to hear of rumors of two sailors going to poison his father. Adam was immediately alarmed and searched the men's quarters and supplies for any trace of poison and when it was found, he was furious. He immediately released the two sailors from his service and a fight broke out. Adam now does the hiring of sailors and men himself, not his associates.

    Eight years ago at the age of twenty, Adam was transporting goods to the city of Laurie Hill to the House of Remington for the Lord Dexter’s annual birthday celebration when he met a servant of the household named Emma. She was out in the fields when he had introduced himself and his workers as they were given specific instructions about where the goods were going to go. Adam had instantly fallen in love with the young woman who was three years younger than her and he had proposed marriage to her. She had accepted and she accompanied him back to Aston to announce their engagement. Needless to say Richard was very angry and displeased at his son’s choice of marriage and refused to give them his blessing. That did not matter to Adam and the couple had decided to marry in secret, however, on their way towards the chapel early in the morning, they were attacked by bandits and Emma was kidnapped right in front of Adam as he tried to fight them off. Adam was so distraught that he searched for her night and day for two weeks until her dead body was recovered in the river having been raped, stabbed and strangled to death. To this day, Adam’s heart still remains closed off from the world and he believes that he will never find true love again. He moved on by diving into his work and concentrating on nothing else. Tragedy also struck over two months ago when Richard, his father suddenly fell collapsed and he never recovered from it, dying a month later from it, never waking from his coma. Not only has Adam lost his true love, now he has lost his father and mentor.

    Recently, Adam has been concentrating on the business and preparing for a meeting with Lord George Remington. It will be the first time since Emma’s death that he has been back there to Laurie Hill and he wonders what exactly will come out of it. He has found himself drinking more liquor than usual and everyone is worried about him, especially his mother and Aislynn who has recently returned to Suffolk. He has found himself becoming more attracted to men, especially one of his sailors, Thomas. Once again for poor Adam, life has confused him once more. He knew being attracted to a man was wrong, but he cannot help the way he feels. He just hopes that he will emotionally survive this journey to Laurie Hill.

    Family Genealogy:

    Sheridan (94)
    -Zachariah Sheridan (94) -- Aria Toffin(99)
         -Gerard Sheridan (118) -- Rosalie Davies (113)
         -Jonathan Sheridan (121) -- Celia Cooper (123)
         -Christine Sheridan (124) -- Daniel Meyers (129)
         -Joseph Sheridan (128) -- Abigail Fox (130)
                   -Eugene Sheridan (157) – Leah Potter(161)
                        -Christina Sheridan (180)
                        -Jennifer Sheridan (184)
                   -Richard Sheridan (159) (d 216) – Charlotte Rivers (166)
                   -Aislynn Sheridan (186) – John Fairfax (164) (d 214)
                        -William “Will” Fairfax (204)
                        -Henry Fairfax (206)
                        -Christian Fairfax (210)
                   -Adam Sheridan (188)
                   -Henry Sheridan (189)
                   -Georgiana Sheridan (191)
                   -Elizabeth Sheridan (193)
                   -Richard Sheridan II (196)
                   -Jane Sheridan (197)
                   -Brandon Sheridan (200)**
    **These branches are open to expansion.

    Writing Sample:
    “Lady Charlotte, your eldest son has arrived back from his voyage to Hebron.” He was announced to his own mother and Adam rolled his eyes finding it unnecessary.

    “Adam oh darling you look so pale! Have you eaten anything? You are too skinny!” Charlotte Sheridan exclaimed as she ran over to her eldest son and hugged him tightly. Adam grimaced and rolled his eyes once more at the concerns and hugged her back.

    “Mother I am well, the journey took longer than expected because of that storm. I suspect we have a lot of ships and vessels that will need to be repaired because of the winds. I will head down to the office to suspect the damage myself after a quick lunch.” Adam replied giving her a slight smirk deliberating avoiding her worries.

    Charlotte glared at him and he took a step back, he knew to never get that look from either one of his parents and his mother had been more on edge and emotional since his father had passed away, “Adam Richard Sheridan, you shall never ever brush my concerns off like that ever again! I am your mother, I brought you into this world and I can take you right out of it! I am allowed to worry about you!” She snapped at him and his face softened as a couple tears escaped her eyes.

    “Oh Mother, I am sorry, I did not mean to make you worry so much. I did eat and was taken care of there by the residents of Hebron. I promise you that I am in good health. Would you like to have lunch with me?” He asked her softly holding onto her gently.

    “Oh no I am fine dear, I apologize for saying those things, I just am not myself and ever since your father has passed away, I fear for you and the safety of all of my children especially for you since you are always at sea. Where are you going next?” Charlotte asked softly as Adam brushed her tears away with his thumb gently and kissed her cheeks.

    “I will leave for Laurie Hill in two weeks time, Lord George Remington and Father were to have a meeting and I shall be going to meet him.”

    Brushing a piece of his blonde hair from his forehead, Charlotte looked more concerned, “Will you be alright my love? Shall I accompany you?”

    Adam shook his head instantly, “No never. You shall stay here at home. I will be just fine Mother. Now I must excuse myself for lunch. I am quite hungry. I will see you for dinner this evening.” Adam told her gently kissing her cheek once more before releasing her warm embrace and heading back down the stairs and into the kitchen asking the servants for a bowl of vegetable soup. He was dreading the meeting with Lord George, and hoped that this journey will be as productive as his father hoped it would be. He could not jeopardize that and nobody could interfere with that. No, this trip would be much different than last time, he thought to himself confidently.

    Secrets: Have been PMed to the Admins.
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