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    Walden MacHeath

    Player: Amy
    Contact: PM or email

    Character Name: Walden MacHeath
    Character Age: 77
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: May 27, 139
    Current Location: Westbury
    House: MacHeath
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: House MacHeath has been in the seat of Westbury for longer than has been recorded. It is said that one of the ancestors of the family married a woman who came mysteriously from across the sea, although the validity of such a claim is unable to be proven due to the lack of records. Their castle is named rather poetically for the proliferation of the birds of the same name, whose songs can often be heard at night.

    The house established a number of trades for itself, most of which revolve around the lake which takes up much of their holding. Known most for their fine pottery and stoneware, the MacHeath family also supplies much of the paper used in the realm, made most commonly from a certain reed which grows along the shores of the lake.

    The recent history of the family is surrounded with rumor and frequently spoken of in whispers, and is fraught with tragedy. Within the same decade the family saw the deaths of members of three generations: Lord Abraham MacHeath and his wife, Jenny; their son William, who had been lord at the time of his death; and William’s son Darren, who died of the same illness which claimed his grandparents. There are stories of murder surrounding the latter two deaths, but no one has been able to provide solid proof.

    Although the patriarch of the family, Walden, still lives, the family is now run by William’s younger brother, John. Walden still retains some measure of control, however, although he rarely sees fit to use it. He made an exception when his son Abraham was on his deathbed; although how he convinced his son to do so, at his urging John was decreed to never be able to truly become Lord. The line of succession was to pass down William’s line if at all possible, and if there were no son in line to inherit, then a daughter could, provided she was married. This highly uncommon decree is still technically in place; John only rules as regent until William’s daughter Sophia marries.

    Played By/Face Claim: Brian Blessed

    Appearance: If there is one thing about the appearance of Walden which characterizes him, it would be his beard. Full, long, and a little bit crazy, he’s had a beard as long as anyone can remember, and to see him without it would be unfathomable. He still boasts a full head of hair, although the color has faded through the years, and more than a little bit of gray touches his wild eyebrows and his sideburns.

    Despite being largely confined to a wheeled chair due to an injury sustained in his prime, Walden has retained his vitality and strength. Although he put on more than a little weight, he’s still strong and virile, and he’s not shy about saying so, either.

    Personality: Walden is a huge personality. Almost everything he does, he does with great volume. He loves telling stories, and will often corner whoever he can for as long as he can keep them in order to tell them a story they’ve likely heard a hundred times or more. It’s rarely a tedious thing, though; Walden has a way about him that makes it very difficult to be upset with him. His laugh, which is often so loud it can ring through entire wings of the house, is incredibly contagious, although it’s been known to frighten skittish women and small children.

    Walden has a great affection for his family, and despite a penchant for pinching pert bottoms, his wife is truly his one great love. He delights in her even as he teases and annoys her, and he knows that even though she swats at him and protests, she loves him as well. He’s also got a soft spot for Sophia, his great-granddaughter. He feels pity for her for the tragedies she’s endured, but is incredibly proud of the woman she’s become.

    The only member of his family that he does not particularly like is his grandson, John. It isn’t that he dislikes him, exactly, but he’s never truly trusted him, even though he can’t put a finger on why.

    Personal History: Walden, in his prime, was one hell of a man. Strong, powerful, and a bit of a charmer, he led his land and his people well, and they prospered under his rule. He wasn’t necessarily perfect at every aspect of running a city, but he surrounded himself with good people whose strengths bolstered his weaknesses. He had a very hands-on approach to running things, and when there were battles to be fought he was always on the front lines, raising his sword for his people or for his king. This was so until one battle, when he sustained such an injury to his left leg as to somewhat cripple it. Though he healed as well as could have been expected, he always had a limp, and progressed from needing a cane to using a wheeled chair to get around, as he aged.

    Despite his love of stories and his memory which, for matters of the past, at least, seems to be like a steel trap, he doesn’t speak much of the details of his childhood. Oh, sure, there are plenty of tales he’s told about his misadventures, but as far as family or upbringing he’s incredibly vague and claims to not remember much at all. Whether that’s a lie or not, nobody’s ever been able to find out.

    One story from his past that he’s always willing to tell is how he met his wife, Francine. In a tale almost too outlandish to believe, he relates how, as a young man, some villagers came to him complaining of a band of ruffians. These brigands had been stealing the town’s women, no doubt doing terrible things to them, and none had ever returned! And so, unable to let this stand, Walden took two men and set out. They searched out the bandits in their camp, and just the three of them, routed many of their number. When they came closer to the center of the camp, though, they heard fighting, and, fearing the worst for the women that had been captured, they ran toward the sound, where they saw a woman, two swords in hand, fighting off a great number of men! Walden immediately rushed to aid her, because although she was holding her own, she was about to be overwhelmed. While his two men took down stragglers, Walden and this mysterious, wonderful woman dispatched most of the brigands, and together they killed the leader, their swords moving in synch to slice his head from his body. There, on that battlefield, Walden knew that he loved this woman, and he declared as much to her then and there. She was the daughter of the village blacksmith, but shortly after their triumphant return, she became his wife.

    Their happy life was made greater with the births of their children, Abraham, Clementine, and Martin, and when his oldest son came to be of age, Walden gladly handed rule of their land down to him. He was proud to see his son ruling, glad to help where he could, and pleased as punch when his grandchildren were born. When it came to pass that his oldest son died, his heir took over, and Walden was keen to see yet another family grow under his roof. Illness has taken many members of his family from him, and he mourned each one with all of his heart.

    With no intention to slow down or, as he sees his former contemporaries as having done, “Lay down and die like a ninny!”, he still helps to guide his family as best he can, exerting power when he sees fit and waiting eagerly for the day when his great-granddaughter marries so that he might see yet another family grow in his home.

    Family Genealogy:
    (Records before this point are sketchy, at best.)
    Walden MacHeath (b. 139) -- Francine Marie MacHeath (b. 141)
         Abraham MacHeath (b. 157, d. 193) -- Jennifer Diver (b. 156, d. 193)
              William MacHeath (b. 176, d. 197) -- Susan Tawdry (b. 177)
                   Darren MacHeath (b. 193, d. 195)
                   Sophia MacHeath (b. 195)
              John MacHeath (b. 178)
         Clementine MacHeath (b. 159)
         Martin MacHeath (b. 160, d. 196)

    Writing Sample: “SOPHIE! SOPHIE, WHERE THE BLAZES ARE YOU!?” Walden’s bellow echoed through the chambers and hallways, the stone amplifying the sound as he wheeled himself at greater speed than perhaps was prudent down the main hallway. He couldn’t remember why now, but he’d greatly wanted to see his great-granddaughter a few moments ago, and if it was important then, it was important now! It would come to him again soon, anyway....and even if it didn’t, it hardly mattered anyway.

    Footsteps behind him went unnoticed until he felt a weight on the back of his chair, and turned a bit to see a bright young face smiling at him from over his shoulder. Sophia had run down the hall and, knowing she had no hope of bringing him to a stop, she’d jumped onto the back of his chair to hitch a ride. “I’m right here, you don’t have to shout,” she said, knowing he’d shout even if he didn’t need to. “And you know my name is Sophia, not Sophie.” She tried to look scolding, but it didn’t really work.

    “THERE YOU ARE!” he shouted, laughing and letting his chair coast. “I do think that at my age I’ve earned the right to call you whatever pleases me! Now, I had something to tell you a moment ago, but, erm...well, it seems to have slipped away. NO MATTER! We should take a run through the garden, you and I, get you out of doors and get some color on your face! You’re far too pale, child! Hold on!!” And with that Walden shoved at the large wheels of his chair, propelling the two of them down the hall, down the wooden ramp that had been built to get his chair up and down the steps, and out into the garden.
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    Brilliant! I love it!

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    I second that. Colorful character! Taking "brilliant" as acceptance 1, I guess this is acceptance 2!

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