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Thread: Jacquelyn Farrand-Calhoun

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    Jacquelyn Farrand-Calhoun

    Thread Title: Jacquelyn Ramona Quaintance Farrand-Calhoun

    Player: Amy
    Contact: spinkt13 AT gmail DOT com

    Character Name: Jacquelyn Ramona Quaintance Farrand-Calhoun
    Character Age: 26
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: January 3, 190
    Current Location: Moorford Estates, Balfour
    House: Farrand-Calhoun by marriage, Quaintance by birth
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: The Quaintance family, at its very roots, began as humble farmers. Simple a start that may be, but the family was populated with keen minds, both for agriculture and for business, and it did not take them long to be one of the more prominent families in the colony. Through shrewd business, they acquired the land of smaller farms, and although they let the families stay on the land, they took a cut of the produce, and there were severe penalties if the crop suffered.

    Over a number of generations, the Quaintances no longer had to dirty their own hands to make their coffers fill, and they expanded into a number of different trades, although the core of their money still came from agriculture. They grew more and more influential and successful, and the colony expanded, fed on the grain and produce the Quaintances provided. Eventually their success earned the attention of the ruling family, and with that connection their influence only spread faster. They were granted the formality of nobility for their service to the crown, and ever since has worked to serve the Farrand-Calhoun family in any way they can.

    Played By/Face Claim: Jennifer Connelly

    Appearance: Jacquelyn always holds herself with poise and grace. Although she’s slight, standing around 5’7” tall and having a slim figure, she doesn’t come off as someone easy to intimidate. Her green eyes, although beautiful, betray little of her thoughts or emotions, and anyone seeking to gain insight from her expression can be often left floundering in awkward silence. That is not to say, however, that she is cold and unfeeling; she can be quite the opposite if in the right company and mood and her smile, although rare, is radiant. Her creamy skin is beautifully offset by hair that is a brown so dark it’s nearly black. Soft curls form naturally in her hair, although she has no trouble brushing it straight, and she wears it equally both ways, most often cascading down her back.

    She dresses as is proper for her station as princess, her gowns and dresses always made of the richest materials and made to fit her perfectly. Most of her clothes are in jewel tones, rich reds and blues and greens, although in truth few colors really looks bad on her. As far as jewelry, she does not favor anything overly large for anything but the fanciest of affairs; usually she is content with the ring her husband gave her and a set of earrings.

    Personality: Proper, refined, and quiet, Jacquelyn is the model of what a princess should be. She knows how to carry herself in almost every situation, and always projects strength and confidence.

    Beneath that proper facade, though, she is a much more complex person. Although the word ‘ruthless’ could be used to describe her, it would be too strong. She prefers terms like ‘adaptable’. Rarely does Jacquelyn form a strong bond with a person, for she knows from years of watching people that they are inconstant creatures. However, once someone has earned her loyalty, they keep it until something even stronger breaks it.

    The number of people who have seen her softer side is very, very small; Jacquelyn is a woman who does not like to reveal her weaknesses, and she feels that true personalities are fraught with them. But somewhere, beneath the layers of propriety and silence, there is a sense of humor, a desire for companionship, and perhaps, somewhere, some true warmth.

    Personal History: The day that heralded Jacquelyn’s birth was dark and full of storms, but the weather was seemingly not a portent of the child that would be Dermot and Elspeth Quaintance’s first. The birth was an easy one, the baby girl healthy and curious, her bright green eyes taking in the world as eagerly as her lungs did air.

    As a child Jacquelyn carried her curiosity for the world with her, and often while her siblings were running and playing and screaming, Jacquelyn was following her parents or her tutors around, quietly watching what they did. Some found this behavior unsettling, but none could complain too much, for she did everything that was asked of her. She excelled in lessons although she spoke little, and she always stayed long after the others had gotten distracted. The only thing she ever showed any inclination against was athletics, and even that she was passingly good at, if disinterested. It wasn’t until she discovered falconry that she really wanted to spend time out of doors. It soon became her favorite hobby, and with it came good horsemanship, as she liked to ride out into the country to let her birds hunt.

    When others would criticize Jacquelyn in her youth for her reserved nature, her mother Elspeth would simply say that she was just more refined than other children, and as she grew she embodied that word more and more. She became a fine figure of a woman, beautiful, smart, and poised. Still largely silent, people attributed that quality to many flaws, but she never gave them any proof one way or another.

    As a young woman, daughter and heir to a prosperous family, Jacquelyn caught the eye of the oldest prince, Luther Kirkland Wainwright Farrand-Calhoun. Seemingly without effort she captured his heart, and all other suitors and matches were forgotten once she stepped into the picture. Their courtship was fairly short, the wedding quite grand, and Jacquelyn stepped into her role as princess as though she were made for it.

    Family Genealogy:

              Harmon Reginald Quaintance (123) -- Elise Louisa Kinney (127)
                   William Orion (147) -- Juniper Emily Lottridge (146) (“Riding Accident” - 168)
                        Norah Irene (163) (Stillborn)
                        Eustice James (165) (Sickly, lived 3 months)
                        Clarice Winnifred (166) (Stillborn)
                                            -- Leonara Cecile Lottridge (152)
                        Dermot Alexander (169) -- Elspeth Claire Graham (173)
                             Jacquelyn Ramona (190) -- Luther Kirkland Wainwright (189)
                             Alain Quimby (192)
                             Peter Benedict (193)
                             Francesca Therese (195)
                        Matthew Stephan (170) -- Audrey Selene Hollins (171)
                             Hubert Wilson (191) -- Brianna Rosamund Harris (190)
                                  Evanna Lynn (209)
                        Eveline Heloise (173) -- Lezare Clarence Blanchard (172) (Infection - 205)
                             Nathaniel Harmon (194)
                   Constance Marie (149) -- Jordon Brahm Quinton (149)
                        Corrinne Olivia (167) -- Anthony Richard Twinnings (165)
                        Trevor Monterey (169) -- Larissa Prudence Spedden (170)
                   Simon Daniel (152) -- Abigail Catherine Teach (153)
                        Henrietta Violet (170) -- Lawrence Reynard Scheuster (167)

    Family history:
    Jacquelyn's grandfather, William, had two wives who just so happened to be sisters. He met the older one, Juniper, first and their families decided that they should wed. William loved her well enough, and they wasted no time trying to start a family, despite their youth. Juniper fell pregnant quickly, and although she had a difficult pregnancy the baby was carried to term. Complications toward the end, however, caused the infant girl to be stillborn. Over the next year and a half the couple kept trying again and again, but to no avail, and William found his love waning. He needed a son, and after a time it seemed he would have one; Juniper became pregnant again, and everyone said that the child would be a boy. This child was born too early, but he was born alive, and the parents rejoiced. However, it was not to be a happy ending, for the child was so sickly that he died within three months. The couple tried again, and yet another pregnancy lasted for what seemed to be a full term, but ended in a stillborn girl. After that Juniper failed to become with child again.

    His love for his wife all but gone due to her inability to carry his child, William's eyes began to roam, and they fell on none other than Juniper's younger sister, Leonara. He maintained his distance, but courted a friendship with the woman, and invited her to live with them on the premise that it would bring Juniper comfort to have family nearby. Such comfort was not to be enjoyed for long, though, as a few years after Leonara moved in with them, Juniper fell victim to a horrible riding accident which claimed her life.

    The family was devastated, and William acted the part of a mourning husband perfectly. As a mercy to the Lottridge family, so that they might not lose the wealth and status that the marriage gained them, William offered to marry Leonara, and her parents accepted his offer graciously. With Leonara, William finally got the family he craved, and she bore him three healthy children. She passed away of nothing more than age, but William lives on, as proud as ever despite his age and its limitations.

    Writing Sample: Sitting on the back of her horse, Jacquelyn watched the sky. Far above, a bird soared and wheeled, its flight centered over the field in front of her. She loved the afternoons she spent out here; they were quiet, peaceful...they allowed her to think. Best of all, it got her away from Luther. It wasn’t that she hated her husband, really...but when she spent too much time around him all the little things she found tedious about him became impossible to ignore. If it weren’t for her afternoon rides, was best not to consider it.

    Still, it was getting time to go back. Putting a small brass whistle to her lips, she blew a short call to her bird, which dove like a rocket down to the ground. She rode closer, slowly, and watched at a distance as the hawk decimated the small animal it’d killed. Another short whistle blow and the bird flew to her hand, leaving behind its kill. She fed it a small bit of meat, reinforcing her role in its life, and then put its hood on. As reluctant as the bird had been to leave its meal, Jacquelyn turned her horse back in the direction of the castle and began her ride home.
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