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    Nataliah Farrand-Calhoun

    Player: Amy

    Character Name: Nataliah Quinn Suzanne Farrand-Calhoun
    Character Age: 24
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: April 13, 192
    Current Location: Moorford Estates, Balfour
    House: Born to the Royal and most honored house of Farrand-Calhoun
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    So many generations ago that none quite remember exact dates, House Farrand-Calhoun was two separate houses. Both major ruling families, each boasted prosperity and happy, content people. There was plenty for everyone, be it food or houses or jobs, and on top of it all there was enough extra that Calhoun and Farrand both had coffers that were filling more and more every season. It only seemed a natural next step that they join together, and a wedding between the young Calhoun lord and the eldest Farrand daughter sealed the union.

    The houses, now joined, now faced a new problem: they had become as successful as they could, within the restraints of their land. Of course they could continue on as they had, filling their treasuries and being content, but both houses had a great sense of adventure, and now that they were joined they agreed that something must be done. In a calculated move, they began sending out ships to explore surrounding lands, while at home they put resources into building a military. In time their expeditions proved fruitful with the discovery of a new land, uninhabited but ripe with resources. It didn’t take long after that for house Farrand-Calhoun to strike out in pursuit of a new home.

    The colony they founded they named Balfour, and under the watchful eye and steady hand of the Farrand-Calhoun family it grew steadily. They maintained their military, but they also encouraged the development of everything from art to industry. It did not always go smoothly, of course, but within a few generations the small colony had become a formidable presence. In a bold move, Balfour named itself a kingdom of its own, with the Farrand-Calhoun family as the monarchs. Their policies grew from the problems they’d observed over the years, and a strong and stable government was the result.

    Since the day that they declared independence, Balfour continues to be successful. The Farrand-Calhouns guide their land well, managing their resources well and keeping trade relationships open with the lands around them. Even as Balfour’s rulers watch over their lands, however, it is always said that one eye searches the horizon for the next opportunity to explore new lands.

    Played By/Face Claim: Lindsay Pulsipher

    Appearance: Nataliah is a woman who appears larger than she is. In truth, she’s quite petite, her thin frame reaching only 5’4” when standing in stocking feet. However, it’s the way she carries herself that makes the difference; her confidence and personality draw all attention away from her small stature.

    She’s not overly feminine, sacrificing the soft, doughy curves that some men value in a woman for a stronger, leaner femininity. Her blue eyes are light and clear, and to those who know what to look for they are always an indicator of her mood. She wears her hair long, always at least to her shoulders, although that seems to be the only consistent feature, as the style is seemingly never the same for too long.

    Her style is largely practical; she cannot stand to wear anything that she feels she can’t move in. That doesn’t hinder her too badly, though, as she always dresses well. She prefers simple jewelry, when she wears any at all, gravitating toward pieces which are small in scale and never wearing more than a few pieces at once.

    Personality: Her peculiar upbringing had a pronounced effect on Nataliah’s eventual personality: it invested her with both a level head and a vivacious heart. Spending her childhood being prepared to be a sacrifice instilled her with a sense that what will be, will be; that there are things that happen which cannot be controlled or changed, and must instead be accepted and made the most of. At the same time, it gave her a great appreciation for life itself, and she is quick to laugh and smile and seek out new experiences.

    Her time spent around her brother Lochlan resulted in him rubbing off on her a bit, but in subtle ways; she has picked up his tendency toward frankness, but in most cases in her it’s tempered by an empathy that her brother lacks. It is almost impossible to make her feel awkward, although she frequently causes the emotion in others simply by speaking her mind or asking a direct question instead of edging around a topic at hand.

    Nataliah has grown into a strong woman, independent in her own right and incredibly loyal to her family. She sees herself as an equal to her siblings and does not consider her gender as anything other than a physical feature; she sees no reason why it would make her greater or lesser than a man. Although her gender offers her tendencies toward different traits than her brothers, the way she figures everything all balances out in the end.

    Personal History: Nataliah had the distinct honor of being born a princess in Balfour. In most other kingdoms this would carry no extra significance, but here it had heavy, if honorable, consequences. As the custom of the land dictated, she was sent almost immediately into religious seclusion, taken away from her family and given to a wet nurse. Hers was not an unpleasant childhood, but it was not an overly loving one, either. Her days were filled with study, primarily religious as she was groomed for her sacrificial duty. When she was old enough, her father sent a tutor to teach her all of the things a princess must know, and her time was consumed with lessons of one sort or another. She enjoyed the work, finding it gave her days purpose, but she lived for the days when her family visited. Every week her mother, and often times Lochlan, would come to see her, and she would drink in their stories eagerly. Less frequently, the King himself would visit with them, and later they would bring her baby brother Langston along, too. She lived vicariously through them, and the older she got, the more she longed to experience life as they knew it.

    Her chance came when she was eight years old. Her mother, who had been pregnant, did not visit one week, and soon the message came that she had given birth to a daughter, Tatianna. It wasn’t quite the life of freedom she’d wanted, but it was a taste of family, and a promise of release later; with another girl in the family, Nataliah was no longer tapped to be the sacrifice. Her last two years in the convent were lived in impatience, and although she knew that being the sacrifice was an immense honor, she was secretly glad to be rid of it.

    Assimilation into the family took time, but soon she was Lochlan’s shadow, as he helped her experience life outside of the convent walls. She got along with her younger brothers quite well, but she was never really comfortable around Luther. It wasn’t fair, but she blamed him in her heart for the eventual death of Tatianna, since it would be his ascension to the throne that would cause her sacrifice.

    Nataliah dove into her studies, excited to start learning things that she hadn’t been taught in the convent. Politics, courtly manners, weapons training...all of these were new to her, and she threw herself into them with great enthusiasm. Learning different weapons was probably her favorite, and she showed great natural skill. She was decent at archery, but she loved working with swords. Her greatest aptitude was with two short swords, and she found the movements were akin to dancing. It was to her great dismay that her brothers were all better than her, no matter how many times her tutor told her it was simply because they’d had more practice; it was that drive to be equal to them, perhaps even better, that spurred her to practice until she could barely stand. She had thought she’d found her favorite weapon in the short swords...until she discovered the whip. This was a weapon that her siblings showed no particular interest in, but she fell in love. It was loud, it was brash, it was dangerous, and it was useful; all of these things were attractive to her. It was with this uncommon weapon that she became most skilled in, and to the current day it is still her favorite.

    She absolutely thrived outside of the convent walls, but she still went with her mother every week to visit Tatianna. It had been a promise made to an infant, but she kept it, taking time out of her duties every single week. When her father fell ill she took up whatever slack she could, and she does her best to stay busy and keep working to better herself.

    Family Genealogy:

    Farrand-Calhoun (Birth Year)
              Wainwright Leonard Farrand-Calhoun(110) -- Abagail Kadance Farrand-Calhoun (118)
                        Luther James(133) -- Dahlia Kai-winn Penswick (134)
                             Kirkland Lawrence (150) -- Bianca Suzanne Westcott (156)
                                  Gabriella Octavia Morganna (172) -- Logan Kenneth Allaker-Jeannot III (168)
                                       Luther Kirkland Wainwright (189) -- Jacquelyn Ramona (190)
                                       Lochlan Niclouse Philippos (190)
                                       Nataliah Quinn Suzanne (192)
                                       Langston (197)
                                       Tatianna Abagail Mae (200) (Selected for sacrifice)
                                  Odette Doreen Quintina (174) (Sacrificed)
                                  Quentin Pierce Owen (175)
                             Leyland Germaine (159)
                             Toneia Danielle (Sacrificed)
                        Torrance Daniel -- Zarah Goullee
                             Dorreen Mae (Murdered)
                             Tabitha Jane (Died of illness)
                        Taliyah Abrielle (Sacrificed)
                        Jacinta Mae (Stillborn)

    Writing Sample: “Tell me more about your last match with Clouse.”

    Nataliah smiled over at her little sister, who sat beside her on the steps to the convent. Tatianna was young, but not too young to know her future. Nataliah had been in her place, saved only by Anna’s birth...but Anna took the whole thing a whole lot better than Nat had. Where Nataliah had seen a death sentence, Tatianna saw an honor, a calling. She didn’t yearn for the outside world as Nat had, but only for a sort of vicarious closeness with the family she would die for.

    “He beat me, of course,” Nat said with a smirk, causing Anna to laugh. “But I did do better. He’s much stronger than me, and he’s got the advantage of having longer arms, but I like to think I’m a little faster. We’d been going for awhile, and I had actually gotten a few points before he won. I’m still not even sure how he did it, and every time I asked he’d just say I had to pay more attention next time.”

    Anna considered this for a moment, and then nodded. “He’s right, you know. It would be easier if he told you, but you’ll learn the lesson better if you find out for yourself.”

    Nat smiled and nodded. “I know. That’s what makes it worse, that he won and he’s right.” Every so often her sister said something that made her realize all over again how wise she was. She was young, and inexperienced in the world, but in her own way she knew how things worked. She may have been born with a weak body, but her mind was sharp as a blade.

    “Do you think you’ll ever beat him?” The question was simple, and had nothing but curiosity behind it.

    “I’m not sure. I hope to, but I’m just not sure.”
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