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Thread: Vivienne Irene Shellten

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    Vivienne Irene Shellten

    Player: Amy
    Contact: PM or email!

    Character Name: Vivienne Irene Shellten
    Character Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: March 18, 194
    Current Location: Hebron
    House: Shellten by birth
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: House Shellten has produced four generations of kings, the original being Reginald Shellten, and have ruled honorably for a little more than a century. From the very beginning of history, the Shellten family has proved dedicated to preserving the rightful family line as well as the legacy of the true kings and queens of Tuneric.

    House Shellten is known for restoring the rightful ruler to the throne of Tuneric and purging their lands of cultists who threatened to destroy the progress that King Cecil had made in an effort to set Tuneric back to rights. Though Edmund Shellten was made Lord Protector for his efforts, four generations later, the name Shellten became known as the ruling family.

    House Shellten is situation in Hebron, the capital of Tuneric. From there, the ruling family administers land rights and collections of taxes to and from its subjects. Furthermore, they keep and house the largest military in Tuneric, allocating the troops across the land if and when necessary. In times of peace, the military is generally used as security detail in and around the main castle, Hebron and the surrounding roads.

    Just recently, due to visitors from over the oceans, House Shellten has taken a keen interest in the exploration beyond the waters. They wish to extend invitations throughout the land to those willing to adventure across open waters in the pursuit of knowledge and trade.
    (Credit to Aloris and Lillian)

    Played By/Face Claim: Gemma Arterton

    Appearance: Vivienne is very much the picture of a princess. She carries herself with an elegance and grace that looks effortless. This is helped, in part, by her figure: she is on the taller side of average, and while she is not overly endowed, her figure is very pleasant.

    Her dark, coppery brown hair is usually kept shoulder length, and she frequently sports bangs which she pushes to one side or the other. She has beautiful pale skin like her mother’s, and, like her mother, she vastly prefers to dress in silks. Her features are expressive and delicate, and when she smiles the whole room tends to follow suit.

    Personality: Vivienne, or Viv, to her family, has the sort of personality that people find magnetic. Although she isn’t keen on being the center of attention, eyes are always drawn to her as she enters a room, and people find themselves gravitating to her smile and laughter. She is incredibly empathetic, and can see many different points of view, which makes her popular with all sorts.

    Well-behaved when she needs to be, she much prefers spending time with her siblings or her friends where she can let her guard down a little. Although some may find it surprising, Vivienne can have a vocabulary like a sailor...which is a habit she keeps from her mother as much as possible. She loves being outside, practicing archery or swimming, or just taking a horse out for a run. Her important lessons are largely over, but she still sees tutors on a regular basis. Her current favourite is her singing lessons; she has a hard time with music theory, but she has a rich voice and she finds singing particularly gratifying.

    Despite being a princess, Vivienne doesn’t act entitled. She is humble and feels she must earn the place to stay in her position of comfort, be it with helping her mother with her activities, being charitable, or simply maintaining her faith. She almost always accompanies her mother to the temples and festivals, and will turn to the gods when she’s feeling weak.

    Personal History: Vivienne was born the first child to Aramis and Adabella Shellten, and was granted all the pomp and ceremony due to a royal princess. She wanted for nothing as a small child, physical or emotional, and had an incredibly happy and fulfilling childhood.

    When her brother was born, she was too young to really remember, but she was told later that she had tried very hard to be put out that she wasn’t going to be the only child anymore. However, when she was shown her baby brother, she couldn’t help but smile, and from that moment on she was by his side as often as possible. It was a similar situation with her sister, and she was devoted to her siblings from the start.

    She drank up every lesson that was thrown at her, and in those subjects that she did not excel, her enthusiasm for the knowledge was enough to get her through. Unstoppable from a very young age, usually the only way someone could tell where she had gone off to was by following the sound of her laughter. Her pursuit of things both intellectual and physical kept her moving at all times, and nothing yet has managed to slow her down much.

    Family Genealogy: Shellten (Birth Year)
    -Jeremy Shellten -- Daniella Evermane
         -Desmond Shellten
         -Jasper Shellten
         -Reginald Shellten -- Eleanor Mae Day
              -Abraham Shellten -- Flourence Ashby
                   -Aramis Shellten – Adabella Durand (175)
                        - Vivienne Irene Shellten (194)
                        - Cailen Darius Shellten(196)
                        - Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten (199)
                   -Tannis Shellten -- Jayne Minster
                        -Female Cousin Shellten
                        -Male Cousin Shellten
                   -Nanelle Shellten
              -Donall Shellten -- Sylvia Blackbane
                   -Davon Shellten -- Dolores Kettleton
                        -Female Cousin Shellten
                        -Female Cousin Shellten
                   -Elspeth Shellten

    Writing Sample: “Was that alright?” The sunlight that was streaming across the wood floor had gotten significantly weaker since they had started, but still Vivienne was practicing. Her tutor, a thin man with a kind face and a cello, looked up at her and smiled.

    “My lady, I have hardly heard that passage performed any better than that.”

    Vivienne scowled, though. She knew she’d made a few mistakes, and she was sick of being praised for mediocrity. “You are not kept on staff and paid to tell me lies, Lord Benedick. Unless you were sharp, I believe I was flat a few times. Now, please, honesty!”

    The man stumbled for a moment, feeling more than a little uncertain about telling the princess that she was wrong, but...well, she asked for it. “Highness was flat during the first repeat of the second verse. It’s a tricky key switch just then, so it is not a hard mistake to make. Would you like to try it once more?”

    Taking a drink from the glass of water that was nearby, Vivienne nodded. “Yes, once more for this afternoon. If I cannot get it this time, I shall have to try it again another day.”
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    Re: Vivienne Irene Shellten

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    Re: Vivienne Irene Shellten

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