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Thread: Sophia MacHeath

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    Sophia MacHeath

    Thread Title: Sophia MacHeath

    Player: Amy
    Contact: PM or email!

    Character Name: Sophia Marie MacHeath
    Character Age: 21
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: May 14, 195
    Current Location: Nightingale Keep, Westbury
    House: MacHeath by birth
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: House MacHeath has been in the seat of Westbury for longer than has been recorded. It is said that one of the ancestors of the family married a woman who came mysteriously from across the sea, although the validity of such a claim is unable to be proven due to the lack of records. Their castle is named rather poetically for the proliferation of the birds of the same name, whose songs can often be heard at night.

    The house established a number of trades for itself, most of which revolve around the lake which takes up much of their holding. Known most for their fine pottery and stoneware, the MacHeath family also supplies much of the paper used in the realm, made most commonly from a certain reed which grows along the shores of the lake.

    The recent history of the family is surrounded with rumor and frequently spoken of in whispers, and is fraught with tragedy. Within the same decade the family saw the deaths of members of three generations: Lord Abraham MacHeath and his wife, Jenny; their son William, who had been lord at the time of his death; and William’s son Darren, who died of the same illness which claimed his grandparents. There are stories of murder surrounding the latter two deaths, but no one has been able to provide solid proof.

    Although the patriarch of the family, Walden, still lives, the family is now run by William’s younger brother, John. Walden still retains some measure of control, however, although he rarely sees fit to use it. He made an exception when his son Abraham was on his deathbed; although how he convinced his son to do so, at his urging John was decreed to never be able to truly become Lord. The line of succession was to pass down William’s line if at all possible, and if there were no son in line to inherit, then a daughter could, provided she was married. This highly uncommon decree is still technically in place; John only rules as regent until William’s daughter Sophia marries.

    Played By/Face Claim: Evan Rachel Wood

    Appearance: If Sophia’s looks were to be described in one word, that adjective would likely be “delicate”. Her skin is flawless, her figure thin and feminine. She wears her honey blonde hair loose most of the time, and she is in the habit of wearing it quite long, loose curls reaching past her shoulders. Her steel blue eyes look out from a face which is simple in its beauty, and is never adorned with heavy cosmetics. In her mind, if she needs to change her looks to impress someone, their priorities are in the wrong place.

    The fashions Sophia favors are simple, composed of clean lines and made of fine fabrics. She sees no reason to suffer for the sake of fashion, and so she rarely wears anything complicated or overly constricting.

    Personality: To call Sophia jaded would perhaps be exaggerating, but not overmuch. She is a realistic woman, feet firmly on the ground, and she does not expect the world to be fair or kind. Perhaps sometimes she can be cynical, but she does her best to curb any such tendencies. While it would be unfair to say she's cold of heart, it takes some time for Sophia to trust someone, and she is not naive enough to believe that anyone but herself has her best interests at heart. One thing she does have a soft spot for, however, is animals. She loves all kinds, and she's often seen around Nightingale Keep with her wolfhound at her side.

    She enjoys simple things: riding, fencing, sewing. Her one great love is cooking, and it is a hobby at which she excels. Although she is fond of reading, she does not let the fancy of stories and tales color her view on the world too much; she is a woman who values logic and science over whimsy and hearsay. She's content to listen to the rumors and gossip that women seemingly love to sling, but she takes none of it as truth until it's proven one way or another. Religion is held under a similar scrutiny; while she does not disbelieve, and she attends festivals and prayer days and the like, she does not necessarily believe that the gods exist, either, although she hardly lets such knowledge become public.

    Personal History: Sophia, as a child, often felt like she was being followed around by the ghosts of the men in her family. Her brother having died before her first birthday, and her father passing two years after that, she seemed to always be followed by comments like "If only your father could be here to see you do this", or "Your brother would have been good at that, I bet". Nothing she could do, no skill she could excel at, no lesson she could complete well could ever, in her mind, be good enough on its own. For a few months during a more petulant time of her childhood she began to act out, if only to escape the association with her dead brother who could do no wrong, but when she was instead met with comments about how her father would be disappointed with her and her brother would never have done such things, she stopped. It was simply easier to carry on as she was supposed to, to do her lessons and her chores in hopes that one day she would cease to be measured against the brother she never really had.

    Although nobody's quite sure what happened, when she was a young teenager Sophia's demeanor changed entirely. Whereas before she had been a precocious girl, always aiming to please, she suddenly became incredibly introverted. For months she barely strayed outside of a simple routine, and it was widely believed that she neither laughed nor smiled in that entire time. The severity of the spell passed with time, and she seemingly became more comfortable again; whatever it was that had changed her, it seemed she had come to terms with it. She began to pursue hobbies again, expressing an interest in fencing and riding and gaining considerable skill in each. She also picked up an interest in cooking and baking, and she spent nearly an entire winter in the kitchens learning the trade. Now she is quite good at it, and indeed she often prepares meals for herself and her family.

    Now solidly of marriageable age, her mother and great grand parents are pushing her to get out and about more, to meet suitors and find herself a husband so that House MacHeath can have itself a proper lord again. Although she is trying her best to do as they say, she has an overwhelming pessimism about the whole affair, and has said that the best she can hope for is a husband who will let her carry on as she is now.

    Family Genealogy:
    (Records before this point are sketchy, at best)
    Walden MacHeath (b. 139) -- Francine Marie MacHeath (b. 141)
         Abraham MacHeath (b. 157, d. 193) -- Jennifer Diver (b. 156, d. 193)
              William MacHeath (b. 176, d. 197) -- Susan Tawdry (b. 177)
                   Darren MacHeath (b. 193, d. 195)
                   Sophia MacHeath (b. 195)
              John MacHeath (b. 178)
         Clementine MacHeath (b. 159)**
         Martin MacHeath (b. 160, d. 196)**

    **These branches are open to expansion.

    Writing Sample: The wind whipped through Sophia's hair as she sat atop her horse, her wolfhound at her side. Gray clouds above her turned to black on the horizon, and from the top of the bluffs she could see that the lake was being whipped into white-capped waves even out to its very center.

    Her maid had begged her not to go. "If the rumors are right, what will you do if you get stuck out in the storm?" She had simply shaken off the woman's worry, tying a simple string around the bottom of her braid and taking her riding coat over her arm. "I'll be able to see from the bluffs how large a storm is coming," she said, in a tone which she intended to sound reassuring. By the look on her maid's face it hadn't seemed to get there. "We'll need to know how much preparing we need to do, at any rate. There are parts of the town that're liable to flood if we're not vigilant." With a sigh the maid helped her into the heavy riding coat, technically men's clothing, but nobody could really chide her. And then she had set off, to see just how much merit the cries she'd heard through town of Vifor's rage calling down a storm held.

    Up here, though, with the wind getting stronger by the minute, she was beginning to think that her maid had been right. Her dog barked nervously, the sound swallowed almost as quickly as it had been made, and Sophia nodded, ducking down in the saddle as a gust made her horse sidestep. Wheeling her steed, they rode as quickly as possible back down, and it seemed she arrived home not a moment too soon. She was barely in the stables when the wind picked up even more, and the smell of a storm being carried in heavy in the damp air.
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