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    Character Name: Allison Hallward
    Character Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: January 2
    Current Location: Stone Forge
    House: Hallward
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    House Hallward, the oldest and most powerful family of those in Hellfire Ridge, has a long and storied history in the city of Stone Forge. Their red and white banners have flown over the city since before the time of the long night. Due to Vifor's close relationship with Mink-Asa, the family went relatively unscathed in the darkness, and when dawn finally appeared, the Hallward's controlled almost all of the Ridge. Even to this time, they exert a certain amount of influence on the other families of the Ridge, mostly due to the favor they garner from the Lord of Calamity. Despite sitting at the base of a massive volcano, and just a few miles from the only Temple of Vifor, Stone Forge has been spared the frequent erruptions and lava flows that come from the mighty peak. Unlike most families in Tuneric, the Hallwards pass their posessions onto their second son, rather than the first born. All first born male Hallwards enter the service of the Volcanic Lord, and each first born female is sacrificed on the god's feast day.

    Played By/Face Claim: Winnie Cooper (Danica McKellar)


    Allison Hallward is a slight woman of small frame and very thin. She has the staple brown hair of House Hallward, though she lacks the ever present scowl that seems to curse her father and brothers. She enjoys wearing whites in the summer, to contrast her brown locks, and prefers reds and greens for her winter garb. Very much the product of the Burgoyne side of the family, her taste in clothing is simple, as opposed to the more over-the-top fashions that are preferred by her relatives.


    Allison is extremely athletic, and enjoys riding as well as playing sports. Despite all attempts by her parents to help her develop any kind of artistic talent, be it music, painting, or design, she fails miserably at almost all of those skills. She is an excellent student, and has the ability to solve complex mathematical equations in her head. She is often seen studying angles and blueprints, and could take credit from the carpenters of Stone Forge for a number of designs that likely would have failed without her intervention.

    Generally funloving, Allison is known to play a practical joke from time to time, and has even earned the ire of some of her friends and family members for taking a joke too far. She writes them all off as overly stuffy, and lacking in a sense of humor. The youngest daughter, Allison realizes how lucky she was to escape the fate of the mountain, which her elder sister could not. In as much, she tries to live life to the fullest, each and every day.

    Personal History: Please provide a brief history of your character.

    Born at the turn of the new year in 198, Allison Hallward is the only surviving daughter of Bradley Hallward, Lord of Stone Forge, and his wife, Jane Burgoyne. After her elder sister Cynthia had been given to Vifor, the God of Destruction, Allison's parents were eager to have another child, though they were at odds on the desired sex of the babe. The dreams of Jane won out in the end, and Ibuta had blessed them with a little girl to replace the one that Vifor had taken from them eighteen months prior.

    Allison was a happy child, spending most of her youth under the loving watch of her mother, and being schooled by the best tutors that the vast Hallward fortune could obtain. She was always distant from her brothers, Timothy who was destined to join the Temple of Vifor, and Bradyn, who would be groomed to one day replace Bradley. Instead, she enjoyed the company of her ladies in waiting, and spent time learning of fashion, ettiquette and diplomacy.

    It had been Bradley's hope that one day the girl would be wed to Cailen Shellten, and become Queen of Tuneric, but his preliminary negotiations on the matter were interupted when the king was poisoned.

    Family Genealogy:

    - Carleton Hallward -- Bliss Dane
          - Bradburn Hallward
          - Hildred Hallward
          - Berwick Hallward -- Elmira Cornerstone
              - Kinsey(f) Hallward
              - Pearson Hallward
              - Royston Hallward -- Jolenta Volene
                   Rhett Hallward
                   Tilton Hallward -- Liliana Daire
                        Jacob Hallward
                        Rory Hallward -- Briar Fairbanks
                             Esther Hallward
                             Michael Hallward
                             Royston Hallward -- Corina Hunter
                                  Bryce Hallward
                                  Terese Hallward
                                  Renee Hallward
                                  Bradley Hallward -- Jane Burgoyne
                                       Timothy Hallward
                                       Bradyn Hallward
                                       Cynthia Hallward
                                       Allison Hallward
                        Tessa Hallward
                        Jenna Hallward
                   Margaret Hallward
                   Upton Hallward
                   Laurentia Hallward
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