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Thread: Aislynn Fairfax

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    Aislynn Fairfax

    Thread Title: Aislynn Fairfax

    Player: Katie
    Contact: PM or Gchat (kellansladykatie12 at

    Character Name: Aislynn Fairfax
    Character Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: November 2nd 186
    Current Location: Suffolk
    House: Sheridan by birth, Fairfax by marriage
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: Credit goes to Azza for the history!

    House Fairfax dates back to the Cult of Mink-Asa crisis. Originally a group of family ran farms in Suffolk, the Fairfax were one of the first to rise up against the Cultist following the boy King's rescue. The Fairfax family nearly died out from the purging of the lands, and for their reward, they were elevated into Nobility. Loyal servants of the new Monarchy, they ruled Suffolk and it's surrounding farmlands, keeping the kingdom supplied with food and resources from livestock such as wool, leather and milk. Their control of the Suffolk has lasted since then, but relations between Fairfax and the rest of the realm have all but disappeared. The speculation is that Robert Fairfax II, was outraged at other lower families advancing beyond Fairfax, despite nearly 200 years of loyal service and their part in the forming of the new Monarchy. Suffolk for a brief period became an isolationist, only speaking beyond their own territory for marrying off their sons and daughters to other noble families and for selling their wares.

    In 211, Thaddeus Fairfax died leaving his four orphaned children to keep the Fairfax Dynasty going, without their mother who had died in childbirth with Victoria. Thaddeus however, was a shrewd businessman and left his children with a large amount of wealth. The eldest Thomas Fairfax, despite being heir, did not want the responsibility of being the Lord of Suffolk. His younger brother Edward, at 26, took the reigns of House Fairfax and has spent the last 5 years totally modernizing their assets and pumping money into their industry. To this day, Fairfax remains a hold of agriculture and livestock raising. But beyond that, Edward Fairfax has constructed the large palace of Ferrers Court (in honour of his late mother's family). With Edward's love of music, drinking, feasts and eating, tourneys, hunting and of course women: Suffolk has become newly popular with the Gentry. Noblemen and women alike, often come to the Edward's court which almost rivals that of the Royal family. Some see it as a getaway from their duties, some as a great place to meet potential lovers and spouses and some to network with other members of the Gentry. One thing they can all agree on, is if you want fun: you head to Suffolk; and Ferrers Court.

    Now once again, the Fairfax family are finally being pushed back into the hearts and minds of the common people and of the Monarchy. Edward Fairfax intends to bring back the honour and glory of House Fairfax and to claim the recognition and reward that this historical family are owed.

    The crest of Fairfax was originally a golden griffin upon a red shield, but when the family had mulitple marriages in a short period of time, with the Loren family: the Loren golden fleur de lys upon blue was quartered with the Fairfax crest; and it has remained so ever since.

    Played By/Face Claim: Carrie Underwood

    Appearance: Aislynn is short around 5 ft 4 and does not being short. She has blonde, curly hair that in past her shoulders and barely touches the top of her chest easily fitting in with the blondes that filled the majority of the Fairfax family. She has deep brown eyes that look deep into someone’s soul and sparkle when she is smiling or laughing, excited when she found that her sons inherited her eyes. She is skinny like most noblewomen were expected to be.

    As the widow of John Fairfax, Aislynn is young and enjoys the simple things in life. She enjoys spending time with her sons Will, Henry and Christian who adore their mother. The family is very close and it shows in her personality. Not only is she protective and kind to her sons, she is the same way with her family and friends. She wants everyone around her to be safe from all harm a habit she had picked up with her husband. John was not the kindest man and Aislynn was often forced to do whatever he wanted which makes her a bit quiet at most times. She was strong and held her head up high in the presence of company. She enjoys her family, the company of her sons, teaching her sons refusing to have someone else tutor them, books, dancing, gardening, being outside, sewing, animals and wants to help anyone and everyone. Sometimes she can be a bit too naďve and trusting, but warm, kind and generous. Once someone gets to know her, she will enjoy herself and open up more. Her number one priority is the welfare and happiness of her sons. She is not on the hunt for a new husband, however, if one is chosen, then she will accept.

    Personal History: Aislynn was born to Richard and Charlotte Sheridan the eldest of their eight children in Aston. At a young age, Aislynn knew of her place in life and that was being the caretaker of her siblings and her much older father who had lung and heart problems since he had been smoking for decades. She loved being with her family and she was especially close with her mother Charlotte and still is to this day. The Sheridan’s were wealthy on their own thanks to her grandparents and she lived an elegant, prestigious lifestyle full of extravagant clothing, jewelry and could have anything she wanted yet she never became materialistic or arrogant. Her wealth comes from her father's side five generations of being merchants shipping goods up and down the country mostly to the Suffolk area. The Sheridans have lived in Aston for the past one hundred and fifty eight years in the same chateau that is a second home to her.

    When she was seventeen after her arrival home from completing her education, a letter addressed from the Fairfax family of Suffolk was directed at her father that had expressed John’s desire for Aislynn’s hand in marriage. Richard accepted happily for his eldest daughter and two months later, John and Aislynn had married. The couple were happy at first, with him treating her kindly and with respect even though he was twenty-two years older than her. Two years later, the day after her nineteenth birthday Aislynn gave birth to their eldest son, William, but she nicknamed him Will and everyone began to call him that. Henry was born three years later and her youngest Christian was born two years later, their present ages being 11, 8 and 6. With every moment she had spent with her sons, her marriage began to fall apart. John grew envious of her attention going from him to her sons. She had not wanted any wet nurses around so she nursed and cared for the boys herself only having a couple servants to help her with the children when they all wanted some attention. John grew verbally and physically abusive towards her and she felt like an animal trapped in a cage. She would try and give up time with the boys to be with him, but the damage was already done. The abuse continued through closed doors and she would have to hide her bruises and marks that she had received from him from everyone around her.

    Suddenly two years ago, John and Aislynn were eating a separate dinner one night and as they ate their meal, John suddenly choked on his food and fell to the ground. Aislynn tried to get it out of his throat, but the piece of large meat had gotten caught in his throat and he had died in front of her. She was in mourning for awhile after her husband’s death, she also was relieved that the abuse was over. Now she spends time with her children and going back and forth from Suffolk to see her mother Charlotte and her family. She has just returned to Suffolk missing the Harvest Festival due to her father Richard’s sudden death in his sleep so she had been at home helping her mother with the preparations and anything else that needed to be settled.

    Fairfax (year born)
    - William Fairfax (30) -- Elizabeth Lucan (33)
         - Paul Fairfax (65) -- Hannah Lemoine (67)
              - John Fairfax (89) -- Katherine Shellfeld (92)
                   - Harold Fairfax (115) -- Mary Windsor (117)
                        - Elayne Fairfax (139)**
                   - Robert Fairfax (121) -- Anne Loren (130)**
                        - Henry Fairfax (134) -- Maria Fitzgerald (133)
                             - Edmund Fairfax (162) -- Delia Courtenay (164)
                                  - Xavier Fairfax (187)
                                  - AaliyahFairfax (192)
                        - William Fairfax (137)
                        - Jane Fairfax (138)**
                   - Roger Fairfax (122) -- Samantha Price (121)**
                        - Charles Fairfax (141) -- Sarah Cobb** (142)
                             - Thaddeus Fairfax (161) -- Catherine de Ferrers (165)
                                  - Thomas Fairfax (183)
                                  - Edward Fairfax (185)
                                  - Catherine Fairfax (196)
                                  - Victoria Fairfax (199)
                   - Bryce Fairfax (126)**
              - Margaret Fairfax (92) -- Phillipe Loren (114)
                   - Francois Loren (143)**
              - Edward Fairfax (96) -- Rosalie Loren (99)**
                   - Robert Fairfax (120) -- Anne Loren (121)
                        - Lawrence Fairfax (139) -- Nicole Smith (141)
                             - John Fairfax (164) -- Aislynn Sheridan (186)
                                  - William "Will" Fairfax (205)
                                  - Henry Fairfax (208)
                                  - Christian Fairfax (204)
              - Godwin Fairfax (98) -- Matilda Cromwell (103)
                   - Richard Fairfax (136) -- Mary Wolsey (138)
                   - Elizabeth Fairfax (138) -- Hans Von Claussen (134)**
                        - Otto Von Claussen (159)**
                        - Ludwig Von Claussen (172)**
              - Jane Fairfax (102) -- Harold DeWinter (100)**
                   - Anne DeWinter (143)**
         - Logan Fairfax (68) -- Yvaine MacBaxter (72)
              - Robert Fairfax (94)**
              - Alistar Fairfax (97)**
              - Oliver Fairfax (99)**
              - Thomas Fairfax (102)**

    Writing Sample:

    “William, Henry, you both need to go to sleep before you wake up your little brother.” Aislynn scolded her two eldest sons as they both glanced up being startled at their mother interrupting their jumping on their beds. Christian was already sound asleep after putting up a fight and she was exhausted. Christian had been restless ever since they had returned to Suffolk Castle after her father’s death. All Aislynn wanted to do was take a hot bath and read a good book in her bed.

    “But Mother five more minutes.”

    “No arguments Will please, now let’s go to bed.” She said gathering up her skirts and walking inside of the bedroom as she watched both of her sons jump underneath the covers of their beds and get comfortable.

    “Mother is Grandfather in Heaven now? Like Papa?” Henry asked curiously as Aislynn smiled and walked over to him and tucked him in. Henry was eight and did not require tucking in, but it was tradition for her to do it.

    “Yes Grandfather is in Heaven with Papa, I’m sure they are talking about politics and all that boring conversations.” She replied teasing him as she tickled Henry’s sides who laughed loudly and moved away from her prying fingers.

    “Tickle Will! Tickle Will!” Henry shouted gleefully with a laugh as Will snorted next to them.

    “I am much too old for tickling Henry.” Will corrected him while narrowing his eyes at his mother who just laughed and rolled her eyes at him.

    “Alright, you two need to go to bed now. Goodnight, I love you both.” She said leaning down to kiss Henry’s chubby cheek before going to Will’s bed and doing the same ignoring the protests. Smiling down at both boys, she blew out the candle on their nightstand and watched as they both began speaking softly knowing that they did not go to sleep right away.

    Closing the door, Aislynn smiled at the peace and quiet that was escalating throughout the wing and decided it was time for that good book, a goblet of wine and that hot bath as she made her way back towards her own chambers.
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    Katie, this looks ok for the most part.

    One thing I'd like to see added if you would: If you could just state where the Sheridan money came from, what their background is, etc, that would be awesome. Were they nobles, were they merchants, etc.

    After that, I can approve pending a conversation with Aloris about what she did with the original geno, and if she and I are in agreement on the new one.

    Edit: Approved. Stamp 1/2.
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    Katie, please note we've updated the family tree. This doesn't really impact your character in anyway.

    Woot! Approved 2 of 2! Go post!

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