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Thread: Liliana Gyrtner

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    Liliana Gyrtner

    Thread Title: Liliana Gyrtner

    Player: Katie
    Contact: PM and Gchat.

    Character Name: Liliana Gyrtner
    Character Age: 23
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: September 15, 193
    Current Location: Devonshire, Orchid Place
    House: Gyrtner
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: Credits go to Taia for the history of the Gyrtners
    Castle(s) (DoE Name, Actual Name): Orchid Palace, Drummond Castle.

    The Orchid Conservatory, Orchid Palace.
    Seat: Devonshire.

    House Gyrtner has held the title of Tuneric's most honored botanists since the well before the island's cult invasion. No historian is quite sure when the Gyrtners first began their cultivation of Tuneric soil, but a Gyrtner has managed gardens for nearly every generation of noble family in the island’s history. Their skill and passion has been unmatched for centuries, no plant variety escapes them. Not only are they master planters, the Gyrtners are responsible for the only three glass conservatories on the island. Two are still in working order; one located at Orchid Palace, the seat of Gyrtner in Devonshire. And the second, with the single largest plant collection still in Hebron, to honor the royal family. The third was destroyed during the Mink-Asa invasion and was never fully restored to its glory.

    House Gyrtner’s most glorious era was shattered by the Mink-Asa inhabitation. Their skills were all but lost as decay swept over the land. A brave female Gyrtner, Wisteria, managed to bury what collection of hibernating seeds and bulbs the Gyrtners had. If it were not for her, the craft and Gyrtner’s legacy would have been lost. The wintered ground managed to preserve the hidden stash until Tuneric had been liberated. It was Wisteria’s youngest son, Amaranth, who discovered the stash upon his freedom from prison and the land’s release from Mink-Asa’s hold. He woke House Gynther from hibernation and established them once again as Tuneric’s Grand Botanists. Their seat moved to Devonshire during the kingdom’s restoration and it is there that they have made their livelihood ever so beautifully.

    Gyrtner worships both Vospa and Yuscat, to bless both their art and their growing seasons. They hold a small celebration in both spring and fall where their gardens are purely open for visitors, showcasing Tuneric’s artists in the spring, and the changing of the leaves in the fall.

    Played By/Face Claim: Isla Fisher

    Appearance: Like her sister Nolana, Liliana or Lily to her family and friends, she was not blessed with height genetics. She is shorter than her sister at 5 ft 1 and does intentionally wear higher shoes so she can appear taller than normal. Also like her mother, she has long, wavy, red hair that stops right before the top of her chest. She tends to keep it down except when she’s not working in the gardens. She has brown eyes that sparkle when she laughs and smiles which is a lot. She is skinny and slender and does not eat a huge amount of food unless she is very hungry which can occur when she’s working all day long in the gardens or conservatory.

    Personality: Also again much like her sister, Lily is very kind, friendly, loyal, honest and patient. It is very hard to make her incredibly angry, but she is easily annoyed if that makes any sense. The only difference is that when she is annoyed, after five minutes or so, she can move on from it and ignore the problem or the person. She loves her family and is close to all of them however she is closest to her older sister Nolana or Lana for short. She is a bit talkative depending on the person and the subject; however, she can be quite shy when you first meet her. Once she talks to a person and finds something in common with them, her wall is easily broken down. She has some trust issues especially with men which is kept a secret from her family especially her sister, but she will take that secret to her grave.
    Lily likes to mostly garden, but on those rare days, she is stuck inside, she loves to read books. She has had a proper education along with Nolana and both women can spend hours conversing to one another while stitching or reading books out loud to one another. She also enjoys fashion, wine, parties/balls and spending time with her family and friends. She is the middle sibling, but has never felt ignored or neglected by her family.

    Personal History: Most of Lily’s history comes from Nolana’s application, so once again credits go to Taia
    Lily was born on cool, rainy day in the middle of September, just six days from the start of autumn. Like her older sister and her mother, Lily came out with a patch of curly strawberry blonde hair that turned red when she was a toddler and light brown eyes. She was welcomed by her entire family including her older sister who cared for her when she got older as much as her own set of parents did. She was named after her mother’s second favorite plant, the liliana, yet earned the nickname of Lily when she was very young.

    Like Nolana, Lily was raised in the Orchid Palace gardens, learning her family's magic before she could even walk. Her grandfather, father, and mother taught her everything she knew about plants and their secrets. She was given her first garden at the age of 7, traveled Tuneric to learn from the best architects beginning when she was 8 years old joining Nolana there who guided her throughout her lessons. Lily embraced every single moment she had there and loved everyone and every experience she had there, good and bad. Both made her stronger in her art and her passion of plants and making every inch of her gardens perfect.

    At the age of 15 she was sent to Hebron to learn from her uncle who tended to the Majestic Garden. She stayed with him for 4 years like Nolana did. Being in Hebron had it's perks as well. Not only was she introduced to an array of exotic plants that had been arriving in ships from around the world, she embraced the life around her. She enjoyed meeting new people and being introduced to fashions, new cultures and everything around her.

    Lily returned to her family home in Devonshire when she was nineteen and has been tending to her gardens, the conservatory and helping Nolana tend to her father’s ailing health ever since. She longs for a good future, maybe a kind man to come and sweep her off her feet, yet has a soft spot for not so out-going men and to have her own conservatory one day besides her family’s. She also has been known to sneak off every now and then to go into town alone or to take her favorite horse out for a ride along the trails around Devonshire.

    Family Genealogy:


    Unknown History
    -Wisteria Gyrtner - Unknown Husband
         -Amaranth Gyrtner -- Jasmine Dornish Gyrtner
         -Privet Gyrtner -- Janelle 'Marigold' Spicer Gyrtner
              -Camellia Gyrtner (92) -- Kalron Parker Gyrtner(95)
                   -Sotol Gyrtner (117) -- Kerria Gyrtner(125)
                        -Sumac Gyrtner
                        -Unnamed Child
                   -Filbert Gyrtner (115) – Unnamed wife
                        - Borage Gyrtner (158)
                        - Hemlock Gyrtner (140) - Seria Baker Gyrtner (168)
                             - Nolana Gyrtner (190)
                             -Liliana Gyrtner (193)
                             -Aspen Gyrtner **
    **These branches are open to expansion.

    Writing Sample: Written with Taia

    It was a cold, rainy day and Lily grumbled once more as she glanced outside at the pouring rain coming down from the dark, grey sky. She knew the plants and gardens needed the rain yet it was not good for her since she easily became bored when she was not outside with her beloved plants and flowers. She loved being outdoors and being stuck indoors all day was not pleasing for the young redhead.

    Lily glanced up when the door of the entrance to the wing opened and smiled at her older sister who was holding a parchment in her hand or at least it looked like it. She pushed a piece of her hair behind her ear, "Hello Lana. How is Father this rainy afternoon?"

    The older sister looked up from the page with a small smile. "He is feeling better, sweet sister. The pains have subsided and he is back on his feet," she replied, folding the parchment over once in her hands. "And do you fare well? Have you seen the new juniper blossoms? I admit I jumped with joy at the sight of them!"

    Lily smiled glad that her father was feeling better once more, “That is wonderful news sister I am overjoyed to hear of that. Maybe he shall join us for dinner this evening. I am well thank you except for that I am not outside with our beloved plants and flowers, yet they needed this rain. Yes I have, they look wonderful, you have done well with nurturing them, I commend you dear sister. What is that in your hand Lana? Is everything alright?” She asked curiously as she paused in her stitching.

    Nolana looked from her sister to her hand and shrugged though her smile grew. "It seems that Sir Metcalfe of Westbury wishes for a conservatory of his own and is prepared to pay handsomely for it. Yet I have heard little of this man before, but am inclined to pay a visit and see what can be done. Do you want to join me? We can leave Aspen to Hebron, how he would enjoy that!"

    The younger redhead raised an eyebrow slightly, if Sir Metcalfe were to hire their family, they could do so much more to the grounds and make them even more extravagant and beautiful, “That would be wonderful if Sir Metcalfe hired us, we could do what we couldn’t do to ours adding our touch in there I suppose. I would like to join you and see if we can offer any ideas. I wonder how much he appreciates the passion of plants and flowers, or the art of beauty of a garden when everything is in bloom dear sister. When would you like to go?” She asked curiously.


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