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    Callista Remington

    Thread Title: Callista Remington

    Player: Katie
    Contact: PM or I have GChat and MSN.

    Character Name: Callista “Callie” Claire Remington
    Character Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: April 8th 197
    Current Location: Laurie Hill
    House: Remington
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: Credit goes to Dan, the creator of House Remington for the description.


    The fertile plains of Tuneric are a part of the country that has truly been washed in blood, time after time. Long before the golden age of Nascutul, long before Swaren gifted the unified nation with enlightenment and peace, back when men fought amongst themselves to seize and hold various bits of the island, the lush, rolling, fecund eastern half was a prize which many sought, and many more died for. Each region of the island had its own valued resources – fish and ports of trade along the coast, timber from the forests, metal and gems from the mountains – but the plains produced the bulk of the island’s food. Grains of many different varieties, vegetables and fruit, dairy, beef, pork and mutton, wool and cotton and linen – all of these came from the plains of the east. This source of commodities was the draw – he who held the bread basket of the land had a mighty weapon to wield against his foes. But another feature of the plains contributed as well to the constant warring that went on there – the topography itself. The land was flat, or gently rolling hills. There was no dense barrier of forest, no hard to scale mountains, no ocean to provide natural protections for whoever held the plains from the next guy who came along and wanted them. Before the first Day king came along, wave after wave of armies fought and roiled over this fertile ground, literally watering it with their life’s blood.

    And so it was that, when, at last, one king was able to unite the land under his golden rule of peace and prosperity, the people of the plains heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, the farmland and fields were carved up and distributed to three lords, with three seats of power to oversee the main bulk of agricultural enterprise in Tuneric. For two hundred years, agricultural science forged ahead, as men found better techniques to reap the most of nature’s generous bounty from the land. The lands of the east and south were a bit more laid back, a bit less cultured and scholarly than say the interior and the low coast. But barns and granaries were full and there was always surplus for trade with the other parts of the island and with those who came in large ships from over the sea. For two centuries, the plains rested and prospered.

    Alas, those days were numbered, with the rise of Mink-Asa and her toady, Vernus Tallworth. Once again, war raged over and across Tuneric, and though shortlived, the plains were caught dead in the middle of the conflict and its noble houses were swept away on yet another tide of blood letting. Soon enough, the traitor Tallworth had a taste of his own foul medicine, and the island nation was plunged into a long, dark night of misery – epidemics of the plague alternating in a macabre dance with famine. The cult of the dark goddess ruled the plain cities through puppet lords who groveled and cringed to gain favor with those who held the real power. What food could be produced was barely enough – and sometimes not even enough – to keep the local population fed – and trade with other parts of Tuneric ground to a halt. In isolation and fear, the fields waited for light and warmth to return.

    It was a very long wait indeed. But finally, near two hundred years ago now, the boy king, Allistair Day, emerged from the rocky outcropping in the grey sea to reclaim the island. The lords that were in place in the plains, tired of being only figureheads for the Cultists, rallied to his cause, and soon enough, darkness had been banned and the Day kings once more ruled over Tuneric. In return for their loyal service to his cause, the young king invested the lords of the plain with the cities which were just then beginning to wake and stretch and rediscover life and renewal. In the city of Laurie Hill, Damon Remington was the young lord who had called his men to follow and support Allistair Day. His family had only held the city for two generations, having wrested it from another family with the backing of Mink-Asa’s so called priests. But though Damon was young, he had an eye to the main chance, and he had no stomach for being lorded over by the Cultists and being forced to kiss their asses in order to maintain his grip on the city. Far better, in his mind, to answer to an honorable king and not an oligarchy of debauched and depraved villains who passed themselves off as holy men. So with no qualms whatsoever, he had turned on those in his own city and made short work of them, and then proceeded to assist the king’s men as they scoured the country for any others who had fled into hiding. In fact, Lord Damon was so ruthless in his endeavors, that he earned the sobriquet of ‘Reaver’ and his sword he christened, ‘Bane of Darkness.’ His hatred for the dark lady and her followers became the stuff of legends, and that tradition has passed down now through many generations of the Remington family. Even to this day, it is death to be caught and proved a worshipper of the dark lady in Laurie Hill, the Remington’s seat of rule, or any of the lands where the Remingtons hold sway.

    Laurie Hill is an ancient city that has both grown and diminished and grown again over countless centuries. Rising from the plains surrounding it, the Hill is an anomaly – jutting up out of the flat earth, and wearing Hill Tower castle like a proud crown on its summit. Over time, man has added to the height and circumference of the hill, which bears a name so old that its origin has been lost forever. On the lowest slopes of the hill, and all around its base, the city proper spreads out, sectioned off into various quarters which house differing markets – such as Poultry Lane, the grain warehouses, the stockyards, Mill House, Cider Row, the vegetable market, and so on. Despite the current atmosphere of peace in Tuneric, Laure Hill and the castle are well defended and armed to the teeth, with a standing military force of its own and a well trained militia of all men of fighting age that live anywhere that the Remingtons have rule. Why? Any five minute study of the history of the area shows exactly what has been stated above – Laurie Hill sits in a rather indefensible spot, as far as the lay of the land goes. Since being invested as the lords of the city by King Allistair Day, the Remingtons have been determined to hold onto their seat and lands, whatever that takes. So a good deal of Remington time, effort and money goes into the training, housing and arming of this small army, and the maintenance of the high, thick wall that encircles the city. Additionally, their lands are constantly patrolled by armed men, keeping crime to an almost non-existent rate, and keeping the citizenry in line. If the troops sometimes act a little pushy, a little bit above the law or entitled, well, it’s a small price to pay, for peace and security. No-one’s complaining – at least, not out loud . . .

    Shortly after Damon Remington’s investiture as Lord of Laurie Hill, he ordered the construction of another residence for himself. It began as an elegant hunting lodge, for when he wished to retire to the forests that comprised the northwestern borders of his lands. Referred to first as simply ‘the Lodge’, it nestled between the swift flowing Redwine River and the beginnings of the great tracts of oak that led into the lands of the Lords of Lovelyn, sometimes referred to as the Lombardy Forest. This proximity to his own lands was seen as something of an encroachment by the Lord of Lovelyn, and many said it was meant to be just that, as Damon Remington was known to be a rather grasping young man, pushing the envelope as it were. Lovelyn at first asked politely that the lodge not be constructed, but it was thrown up so quickly there was scarce time for that request to even be acknowledged. He then asked Remington to refrain from crossing over onto his lands whilst hunting. But Damon replied that was hardly feasible as in the heat of the chase, who was to know where the boundary exactly ran – who owned one tree and who the other? Well, Lord Lovelyn wasn’t about to accept that answer, so he began erecting a fence, running the whole length of his southeastern border, right down to the beach. Funny thing about fences though – they tend to fall down in spots. This one certainly did. And so began a minor feud that eventually grew into something of a major point of contention, such that even the king was dragged into it – several generations after both the original lords were long moldering in their graves. By this time, the luxurious hunting lodge had grown into a chalet, and thence to a chateau – a kind of in-your-face show of bravado to the Lovelyn clan, and came to be called ‘Lombardy Lodge’, or more succinctly, ‘Lombardy.’ The chateau was so elegant and well appointed, not to mention so irritatingly close to Lovelyn land, that the then Lord Remington basically made it his summer home, and escaped there with his family throughout the hotter months. As for his descendants, some of them – the more unhappily married ones or the more lecherous ones – practically lived there year round, and it became somewhat notorious for being a place of quite . . . lusty parties and fetes and entertainments, as well as where many of the lords kept their mistress of the moment ensconced, away from prying eyes and baleful wives who were stuck back in the cold and drafty Hill Tower. Ah well, such are the privileges of being a lord.

    Lombardy Lodge.

    Played By/Face Claim: Emmy Rossum.

    Appearance: Unlike her older sister Charlotte, Callista or Callie to her family and friends, the rare friends she has, was not graced with the height genetics. Callie stands at 5 ft 2 and is slender just like Charlotte in that sense. Although she is at the receiving end of endless jokes and pranks because of her short height, Callie enjoys being short and petite. It has never bothered her and never will. As everyone else in the Remington family, Callie inherited the sparkling, yet deep brown eyes and her brown, curly, hair stops past her shoulder and above the top of her chest. She often wears her hair down, however on occasion wears it up mostly to please Charlotte. Her bright smile could light up a room according to her father George. She smiles a lot and for the most part, her smiles are almost always genuine and deep. She rarely does anything to enhance her features against the advice of her sisters and her stepmother. Callie finds herself attractive and does not seek a lot of attention towards herself or their wardrobe.

    Callista is very much like her older sister Charlotte, yet they are also very different from one another. Callie grew up idolizing her mother and her older sister practically following Charlotte around everywhere which did not please Charlotte whatsoever. She grew up being a proper woman liking the traditional things such as knitting and fancy clothing. Calla made sure her daughters grew up with a good education and knowledge of what they needed to do to become wives one day and to improve their reputations as proper ladies of nobility. Her father George was the political gentleman of the family so with that surrounding her home life, Callie learned to embrace the fact that she needed to have two different sides of herself just as Charlotte taught her at an earlier age. She needed to be charming, kind, warm and friendly at all times. She is genuinely all of those not needing to pretend that. She enjoys the company of other people and also has her moments where she enjoys a good book and being in her bedroom chamber in complete silence. She presents that at all times and when she doesn’t, she will hear about it.

    Callie like her siblings have a bit of a nasty streak to her. She tends to gossip and has sometimes lied to her parents and Charlotte about certain subjects that were surrounding her. Not afraid of much or of certain people’s opinions, Callie enjoys living her life and being a bit rebellious at times. She is scared of most deadly animals like snakes and spiders, but she is also afraid to be a failure to everyone and being alone. She is also a bit of a dreamer not that she would share with anyone especially her siblings. She is close to her sister Charlotte, considering her her best friend. She also is very honest and loyal and a bit of a romantic.

    Overall, Callie is very kind, loyal, honest, friendly and intelligent woman. She knows what is expected of her and will do whatever it takes to keep the family’s reputation at it’s best.

    Personal History:
    Callie was born Callista Claire Remington, the second daughter of George and his now deceased wife Calla on a rainy, spring day seventeen months after her older sister Charlotte. Her parents being truly in love, she and her siblings were born into a warm, loving family rare for those times yet the family did not care. Calla immediately began to call her Callie when she was a toddler and it has stuck with her ever since and Callie hates being called by her formal name in any circumstances. Soon she began to help Charlotte or Lottie as she called Charlotte since she was teased when she first learned how to pronounce her sister’s name, she called her Lottie and Callie just calls her that in private.

    Apart from being close to Charlotte because of their age, Callie grew up idolizing her father George. She was a ‘daddy’s girl’ as Calla called it. Whenever George was gone away to court or for business, Callie would stare out the foyer window looking for when her father would return home. They had that special, magnetic bond that no one could break or even understand at times. She would go outside and ride horses with him or play archery, very much to the disapproval of Calla and Charlotte as she grew older. One of Callie’s passions growing up was dancing. She picked them up quickly from balls and would spend hours practicing them in the ballroom of the castle. One day when she was six, her father came home from court and found her dancing. He was so impressed and proud of her that he began to give her lessons himself and bought her dancing shoes and dresses. Although he was so tall and she a little girl, it meant the world to her that Callie would have that one on one time with her. The more Callie grew, the more she loved dancing and the more everyone began to support her especially her parents.

    Four years ago, the worst thing in the world happened. The Remington family lost a wife and mother due to pneumonia. Callie like everyone else was absolutely devastated by her mother’s death. As Charlotte immediately stepped in to fill the void, Callie clung to her heartbroken, devastated father. Soon she was replaced by her father’s newest wife Kitty and from the moment she laid eyes on Kitty, Callie hated her. Kitty was not her mother and would never be. She wanted to be happy because her father was, but it was difficult when she felt as if she wasn’t important in her father’s life anymore. All his concentration and attention was on this new wife who was kind, but nothing like her mother. Kitty wants to be Callie’s friend, but Callie does not want a friend. She wants a mother and it was too late for her to have one in front of her. Unlike her sister, Charlotte, Callie is civil to Kitty only in public or in the presence of company. Calla would always be her mother and no one else. Callie clung to Charlotte more than ever and she spent so many nights crying to her sister about everything. Charlotte quickly became a mother figure to Callie and as much as Callie loved her sister, she wasn’t her mother and she soon began to sink into a deep state of depression.

    The one year anniversary of her mother’s death was approaching and Callie often thought about suicide mostly from her depression. Even at a young age, she heard of the many possible ways to end her own life. She had lost her mother, now her father and she did not feel as if life was worth living anymore. At the age of sixteen, on the one year anniversary of her mother’s death, Callie was brooding in the bath when Paulette, a servant and a devotee of Mink-Asa attacked her with a knife. Callie screamed and Charlotte quickly ran into the room, saw the blood and covered the servant’s mouth. Charlotte found more cuts on her arms and when Charlotte demanded to know what had happened; Callie managed to stutter out that she had been attacked by Paulette with the knife in shock at being attacked. Outraged, Charlotte had the servant arrested by the authorities and she was hanged for her crimes.

    Years later, Callie still has her moments of depression, but mostly finds herself alone in her bedroom chambers most days reading, writing and dreaming of something bigger. She doesn’t dance anymore. She only goes out in public when it is necessary or when Charlotte demands for it. She is closest to her sister and she rarely speaks to anyone else besides her siblings. Her relationship with her father will never be the same and she knows she is at the age where marriage could be coming her way. She wants to be married and to be happy, but is lonely and believes that no one will have her. Through thick and thin, Callie is a Remington. Always have and always will.

    Family Genealogy:
    - Geoffrey Remington [b. 112] - - Adelia Remington [b. 116]
    -Charles Remington[b. 137] - - Fidelma Sheridan Remington (first wife; no children) [b. 140]
          - - Cherise Langdon Remington (second wife) [b. 157] (59)
          -Dexter Remington (twin) [b. 175](41) - - Lenora Place Remington [b. 178] (38)
          -Errol Remington[ [b. 196] (20) Lorna Lovelle Remington[b. 197] (19)
                        -Dane Remington[b. 198] (18)
    [                    -Harry Remington [b. 201] (15)
                        -Dulcie Remington [b. 204] (12)
                        -Abbey Remington [b. 208] (8)
          -Diana Remington – (twin) [b. 175] (41) - - Rushford J. Keenly
                        -Rubianne Remington[b. 198] (18)
                        - Maarten Remington [b. 209] [Twin]
                        - Macarius Remington [b. 209] [Twin] (7)
          -George Remington [b. 177] (39) - - - - Calla Caldoran Remington [b. 178 – d. 212] (first wife) - - Christine Spencer[b. 194] (22) (second wife)
                        -Charlotte Remington [b. 195] (20)
                        --Callista Remington [b. 197 ] (19 )
                        -Laura Remington [b. 199 ] (17 )
                        -John Remington [b. 202 ] (14 )
                        -Melinda Remington [b. 205 ] (11 )
                         Arthur Remington [b.207 ] (9 )
         - Nolan Remington [b. 180] (36) - - wife
         -Harriet Remington [b. 182] (34) - - husband
         -Therese Remington [b. 185] (31) - - husband
          - -Sharon Remington Hunter [b. 186] - - Hamilton Hunter [b. 180] (36)
                        -Hamilton Hunter II [b. 208] (8)
                        -Patrick [b. 212] (4)
         -Edward Remington - - wife
                        -Children and grandchildren*
          -Francis Remington - - wife
         -Children and grandchildren*
         -Elizabeth Remington - - husband
                        -Children and grandchildren*
    *These branches are open to expansion.

    Writing Sample:

    “Callie!” A female voice echoed down the corridor leading towards her own bedroom chamber. Callie simply rolled her eyes recognizing the voice that belonged to her older sister Charlotte. As much as Callie loved her, she wanted some privacy at the moment. She was caught up in her writing, a dream that she had just had the previous night about a knight in shining armor riding towards the Remington household about to declare his love for the second eldest daughter.

    Suddenly the door burst open and Callie threw down her quill growling in annoyance, “What?”

    Charlotte ignored her sister and grabbed her shawl from the hanger on the wall and placing it on top of her writing, “We are going into town. Get dressed and look presentable for God’s sake.”

    “I am dressed, but fine. Let me finish writing this down.” She replied rolling her eyes as Charlotte glanced through her closet and threw a fancier dress on her bed calling for Rebecca, her servant to help her. She ignored Charlotte’s demands of hurrying and she poured pepper on the parchment over the ink and quickly changed into the pretty light blue dress with a white collar and white ruffles on the sleeves. The weather looked decent outside for once and Callie found herself slowly getting excited to get out and enjoy it. It was not like she was doing anything else and her inspiration for writing had its moments of staying with her and some not. She placed her parchments of writing in her leather bound journal that she had bought over a year ago and walked over to her nightstand and placing it on there before locking it up. Throwing the key into her pouch, she walked over to Rebecca.

    “Tis a lovely day outside Ms. Callista. You should enjoy it.” Rebecca told her and Callie simply nodded while remaining silent as she was dressed properly. The dress was beautiful there was no use denying it and she sighed glancing at herself in the mirror. She smiled forcefully at the compliments from Rebecca and slipped into her shoes while grabbing her pouch.

    As she headed downstairs pushing some curly, brown hair behind her ear, she ignored Charlotte’s glare as she stood next to her elder sister, “I am here sister, let’s leave before another distraction arises.” She remarked and Charlotte nodded as they headed outside to the carriage that was waiting for them.

    “Did you hear of the new arrival in town sister? A knight I hear and that he might be interested in finding a bride.” Charlotte told her and Callie could not help, but roll her eyes. Another suitor for someone else. She would never find someone who would actually want her to joined in holy matrimony with her, it was her fate and she would have to live with it for the rest of her life.
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    I don't think the sample is an accurate portrayal of Charlotte. However, this part if the app is more about showing writing capability and who Callie is- and the sample does that.

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    Note: The tweak to the Remington geno (switching William and Laura and changing Laura's name to Callista) has been approved by the House Creator/Lord.
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    Everything looks good to me. And so the Remington army expands yet again!

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