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Thread: Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten

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    Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten

    Player: Penny
    Contact: PM

    Character Name: Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten
    Character Age: 17
    Birthday: March 1, 199
    Current Location: Hebron
    House: Shellten
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: (Credit: Lillian) House Shellten has produced four generations of kings, the original being Reginald Shellten, and have ruled honorably for a little more than a century. From the very beginning of history, the Shellten family has proved dedicated to preserving the rightful family line as well as the legacy of the true kings and queens of Tuneric.

    House Shellten is known for restoring the rightful ruler to the throne of Tuneric and purging their lands of cultists who threatened to destroy the progress that King Cecil had made in an effort to set Tuneric back to rights. Though Edmund Shellten was made Lord Protector for his efforts, four generations later, the name Shellten became known as the ruling family.

    House Shellten is situated in Hebron, the capital of Tuneric. From there, the ruling family administers land rights and collections of taxes to and from its subjects. Furthermore, they keep and house the largest military in Tuneric, allocating the troops across the land if and when necessary. In times of peace, the military is generally used as security detail in and around the main castle, Hebron and the surrounding roads.

    Just recently, due to visitors from over the oceans, House Shellten has taken a keen interest in the exploration beyond the waters. They wish to extend invitations throughout the land to those willing to adventure across open waters in the pursuit of knowledge and trade.

    Played By/Face Claim: Emma Watson

    Appearance: A slender girl of average height, Veronica’s most striking physical feature is her wavy hair. In the summer, her sun-kissed locks tend towards golden brown, while in the winter her hair moves more towards a mousy brown with natural copper undertones. She has wide, dark eyes that sit under remarkably expressive eyebrows, and a mouth that is quick to betray her true emotions.

    Her favorite colors are deep violet and blue, and these are colors that she wears whenever she can. Her main attire are gowns, naturally, and she wears minimal jewelry. Her preference run towards sapphires and silver, so though she owns other pieces, when she wears jewelry it is usually silver.

    Personality: Vera is a serious, almost imperious young woman, who takes her role very seriously. That doesn't mean that she doesn’t like to have fun or get up to mischief; quite to the contrary. She views her responsibilities as the price she pays for being allowed to do what she likes. She has become accustomed to being deferred to by courtiers and others due to her rank and considers herself far too charming to be denied that which she likes. This attitude is tempered by Vera’s good nature; she is not a spoilt brat, she is just spoilt. She is conscious of her appearance to the point of mild vanity.

    Vera likes to ride and to take small cruises along the river with friends. She enjoys the leisurely things in life, but also enjoys her studies. And while she respects her responsibilities, she resents that she is expected to learn certain things just because of her gender. Vera has no patience for embroidery or other domestic arts and hasn’t the voice for singing. She has no talent to produce music but is a talented dancer.

    Her favorite food is fish in lemon butter; her least favorite is venison. While Vera doesn’t have a sweet tooth, she does have a weakness for berry compote over a spongy cake.

    Personal History: Born as the third child to Aramis and Adabella Shellten, Vera was christened Princess Veronica Elisabeth Marie Shellten. “Vera” came about from the Princess’ unsuccessful attempts to pronounce her own name and has stuck with those with which Vera is most intimate: her family and closest friends. As she grew up, she was taught responsibility and duty and learned to take pleasure from the opportunities that her position gave her, both for leisure and for service to others.

    Vera eagerly and happily took advantage of the opportunities her position granted her for education. She was given access to the most learned men of the kingdom, and though she was not expected to become an expert as her brother would have been, Vera was glad of the opportunity to expand her horizons.

    Shellten (Birth Year)
    -Jeremy Shellten -- Daniella Evermane
         -Desmond Shellten
         -Jasper Shellten
         -Reginald Shellten -- Eleanor Mae Day
              -Abraham Shellten -- Flourence Ashby
                   -Aramis Shellten – Adabella Durand (175)
                        -Princess Shellten (194)
                        -Cailen Darius Shellten (196)
                        -Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten (199)
                   -Tannis Shellten -- Jayne Minster
                        -Female Cousin Shellten
                        -Male Cousin Shellten
                   -Nanelle Shellten
              -Donall Shellten -- Sylvia Blackbane
                   -Davon Shellten -- Dolores Kettleton
                        -Female Cousin Shellten
                        -Female Cousin Shellten
                   -Elspeth Shellten

    Writing Sample:

    "No, I'm afraid I don't like this at all."

    The pronouncement was quiet but firm as Princess Veronica spoke with the gardener outside the palace in the small, secluded western courtyard. Her fingers plucked the orange flower from the vine that crawled up to the balcony some floors above. As it happened, the balcony came from Vera's room, and the offensively overpowering sweetness of the orange blossoms seeped in through the open doors. It was all rather nauseating. "It's just far too much, master gardener, and I'm afraid I just can't have it anymore."

    For effect, she lifted the flower to her face and delicately inhaled, then made a face. "No. No, I'm afraid it won't do. Would you mind replacing it with something else? Perhaps the utopia clematis from the big garden. Those are the ones shaped like stars, yes, the white ones with purple on the edging?"

    "That would need a lattice-work, Highness," the gardener said. "And it will take some time to grow. But we can have the lattice-work built shortly and the clematis planted by the end of the week." Something passed over Vera's face that made the gardener uneasy. He quickly added: "With His Majesty's permission, of course." Vera forced a smile.

    "Of course. Thank you. But surely you don't need permission to take down these dreadful orange things, do you? No, I thought not. Thank you, I'll go back in now."
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    Re: Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten

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    Re: Veronica Elizabeth Marie Shellten

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