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    Corran Torgood

    Player: Flava Flav!
    Contact: High

    Character Name: Corran Torgood
    Character Age: 45
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: September 9
    Current Location: White Coast
    House: Torgood
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History:

    House Torgood is a minor house of nobles who ruled the small hamlet of Cold Spring Falls, just down river from the capital of Hebron. A military family by nature, they have been stalwart supporters of the Shellten Monarchy since the early days of that family's reign. The first born male of each generation has served in the Order of Dawn for more than a hundred years, a streak that has only just recently ended with Corran's dismissal from the service of King Cailen.

    Given the high profile existance of the patriarchs, the rest of the family lives in relative obscurity. The only real thing of note was the birth of triplets to Malik Torgood and Bess Devereaux. This is a rare happening in Tuneric, and as such, the three women are very popular at parties and balls. Though all are blessed with equal amounts of beauty, the strong ties they have formed have thus far prevented any of them from marrying.

    Played By/Face Claim: John Fuckin' Stamos

    Appearance: Corran Torgood is a man of average height and weight, though muscular. He does not appear to be overly intimidating, though his piercing eyes and jet black hair make him very distinguised, and he posesses a strong voice that when raised, often brings a room to a standstill. Though no longer a member of the Order of Dawn, Corran still prefers the gold and purple and white of the order. He is a sharp dresser, who tries to stay on the cutting edge of fashion. Depending on the season, Corran may or may not be sporting a beard. He prefers it in the cool winters, and shaves it in the mid spring.

    Personality: Corran is at first loyal and true. He was a devout supporter of Aramis Shellten, whom he idolized and considered a friend. He was heartbroken at the king's death, and still

    Personal History: Please provide a brief history of your character.

    Family Genealogy:

    -Kelvin Torgood -- Carry Jensen
         -Devlin Torgood -- Callista Laine
              -Malik Torgood -- Bess Devereaux
                   -Corran Torgood -- Elissa White
                        -Percival Torgood
                   -June Torgood
                   -Jane Torgood
                   -Joan Torgood
              -Sandra Torgood
         -Derrick Torgood -- Carrie Rakowski

    All secondary lines open to expansion.
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