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    Satrina Lallersby Hepburn

    Player: Penny
    Contact: PM for contact, or find me in the cbox.

    Character Name: Satrina "Trina" Lallersby Hepburn
    Character Age: 83
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: October 12, 133
    Current Location: Maple Glade
    House: Hepburn.
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: The Lallersby clan were lesser nobles from the area around River Butte. They were neither grand nor low, but a rather mid-level nobility. Their name will die out when Satrina dies, though that will not be for a very long time, thank you very much, and they benefited greatly from a match with Alec Hepburn. By the time Trina's eldest son was Lord Hepburn, the rest of her fammily had passed on.

    The ancestral home is Greytower Keep.

    Played By/Face Claim: Dame Maggie Smith

    Appearance: Trina is relatively tall and slender for her age. She never got the hang of fading into a comfortable plumpness like certain other geriatrics in Tuneric, not naming names. And she has aged gracefully, allowing her once lustrous auburn hair go to dark grey. She wears the dark colors of mourning, though her husband has been dead for many years: blacks and violets, dark greens and reds and blues. She still has sharp grey-blue eyes and a prim mouth capable of conveying much--usually disdain or amusement--by a simple look. She carries herself as the matriarch of the family that she is, carrying but not relying upon a walking stick, a holdover from a fall that she suffered a decade ago. It has a silver handle and a polished black teak body, and is used mostly to accentuate punctuation (see, e.g., above). She also likes a hat.

    Personality: Trina sees herself as not just the matriarch of her family, but as its center and guiding light. Her eldest son was happy to let her believe she wielded influence, for this was easier than fighting every battle, but invariably did as he pleased. Still, she is a no-nonsense person, jealous of her perceived influence, and unaccustomed to being questioned or refused, particularly by her grandchildren, and especially by her despised daughter-in-law Delaney.

    Trina has had a long-standing rivalry with Eleanor Day, ever since they were debutantes together. They competed for the same men, tried to fill out the same type of dress--though it was clear which one did it better. The women are still rivals to this day, and while Eleanor may be royal by connection, as far as Trina is concerned, her grandchildren are a right sight more noble and elegant than anything that was a result of Eleanor's genetics.

    Basically, Trina enjoys her life of leisure and enjoys meddling in the lives of her grandchildren. She has taken a particular interest in her grandson Gavin, who she corresponds with regularly, as well as in Grant. As leader of the family, she feels it is his duty to seek her advice, and her duty to give it. She is very class-oriented and would pale at the thought of any new-fangled ideas

    Personal History: Trina was born to some minor nobles, and she had no siblings. She married Alec Hepburn when she was only 18, and they eventually began a family. Theirs was a marriage that was based on economic interest, but one that slowly developed into mutual respect, admiration, and affection. She was devastated when her husband died, and vowed that she would remain in mourning for the rest of her days. By that time, her father and mother were also dead, so there was no question of forming another marriage, so Trina went about setting herself up as the matriarch of the Hepburns.

    Spending much of her time at court, she purported to rule her family by letter, though her sons paid only token heed to her advice most of the time. Still, things were harmonious because Trina had raised them right, and they were either too good or too frightened of her legendary wrath to put foot out of line. From court Trina was able to keep tabs on the vile Eleanor Day, as well, and she was happy to note that the years had not been kind to her old nemesis. In fact, she has since stopped pranking the old woman, because "hasn't she suffered enough?"

    Now that her eldest son has died, her eldest grandson, Grant, has taken over the family name, and Trina has set out from her life at court to return to Maple Glade full time so that he can benefit from her years of experience.

    Family Genealogy:
    Hepburn (133)
    - Andreus Lallersby -- Mirabel Scodworth
         - Satrina Lallersby (83) -- Alec Hepburn
               - Patrick Hepburn -- Delaney Stormshand
                   - *Grant Hepburn
                   - Maera Hepburn (22)
                   - Bosleigh Hepburn (20)
                   - Seamus Hepburn (19)
              - Allison Hepburn (died in infancy)
               - James Hepburn -- Mary Stuart
                   - Maeker Hepburn (19)
                   - Talia Hepburn (16)
              - Edgard Hepburn -- Tisha Airesbane
                   - Gavin Hepburn (22)
                   - male cousin Hepburn
                   - Alec Hepburn (14)

    Writing Sample:

    "The work of my good-daughter, I imagine," Trina murmured to her maid as she entered the great hall at Hepburn Castle in Maple Glade. She suppressed a shudder and drew her black fur stole around her neck tightly, exaggerating her distaste for effect. "I always felt that Delaney's taste in decoration was better suited to a chieftan's tent in Day's Death than a castle like this. But I suppose my son found some of it appealing, or else he would have taken it down. What a shame he didn't possess more of my good sense."

    Delaney appeared a moment later, all in black, and Trina had the grace to clasp her hands over her walking stick's handle and wait for her good-daughter to come down the stairs. "My dear," said Trina solicitously, leaning over to brush her cheek against Delaney's for a moment. "Such a shame. But what a good man." Trina had no time for Delaney's phoney tears; she had grieved for her son already. "Is the drawing room still through there?" she asked, gesturing with her cane, and then striking out for it before Delaney had a chance to answer.

    While they settled, Delaney asked about the royal family and wanted to know, in particular, how Queen Eleanor was doing. Trina made a face. "Oh my dear, Eleanor Day hasn't been Queen for some time now, and the only time she ever had a royal bone in her body was when she was with the king--oh, Maera, I am so pleased to see you." She rose to embrace her granddaughter, this time with genuine affection. They whispered about court for a few moments as they walked over to a sofa, and then Trina turned to Delaney.

    "Are we having tea or not?" she demanded impatiently. Honestly, this woman.

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    Secrets PM'd.

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