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    Bradyn Hallward

    Player: Rick
    Contact: PM here. G-Chat: AIM: Lil Charlemagne

    [Public Application]

    Character Name: Bradyn Hallward
    Character Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: March 15th
    Current Location: Stone Forge
    House: Hallward
    Banner Appearance:

    House Description

    House Hallward, the oldest and most powerful family of those in Hellfire Ridge, has a long and storied history in the city of Stone Forge. Their red and white banners have flown over the city since before the time of the long night. Due to Vifor's close relationship with Mink-Asa, the family went relatively unscathed in the darkness, and when dawn finally appeared, the Hallward's controlled almost all of the Ridge. Even to this time, they exert a certain amount of influence on the other families of the Ridge, mostly due to the favor they garner from the Lord of Calamity. Despite sitting at the base of a massive volcano, and just a few miles from the only Temple of Vifor, Stone Forge has been spared the frequent erruptions and lava flows that come from the mighty peak. Unlike most families in Tuneric, the Hallwards pass their posessions onto their second son, rather than the first born. All first born male Hallwards enter the service of the Volcanic Lord, and each first born female is sacrificed on the god's feast day.

    Played By/Face Claim: Jay Baruchel


    Bradyn Hallward is a young, lithe individual, with dark hair and dark eyes. He prefers courtly dress to casual, and carries the bastard sword "Devilsbane" with him wherever he goes. Only his tall height keeps the blade from dragging on the floor behind him. Bradyn's facial hair fluctuates from a full beard to sideburns, depending on the season and the climate of his location.


    Bradyn Hallward is a stubborn youth, well convinced of his noble birth and the high position within his family that he commands. He has a powerful ego that causes him to overlook his own faults, and is often heard to sing his own praises. Though cursed with an enormous superiority complex, he doesn't generally feel the need to put others down.

    Bradyn considers his body a temple, and hardly ever pollutes it with more than a single glass of wine in an evening. Though there are occasions when he is apt to let this philosophy go, espescially at parties, or on hunts. He appreciates all fine things, from prized vintages to strongly tempered steel to a beautiful face.


    Bradyn Hallward was born in 196, the second son of Bradley Hallward and Jane Burgoyne. Per custom, this made him the heir to Stone Forge, ahead of his older brother Timothy, who was promised to the service of Vifor. As such, Bradyn was afforded every luxury of youth, and being spoiled has made him a confident man, one who learned early how to swagger. At a young age, Bradyn was gifted with a powerful vocabulary, one he has used for years to talk down to his peers and servants. His tutors found him to be exhausting, and his servants found him to be intolerable. But nonetheless, as heir to Stone Forge, Bradyn was shown the utmost in respect and deference.

    When the Beaumarche family plotted to overthrow his family, Bradyn was still a boy of fourteen, and was sent to the capital to witness the trial and punishment of Liam Beaumarche. His first real look at the Tuneric system of justice was intriguing, though not so much as his witnessing of the sentence being carried out. For the first time, Bradyn looked at the efficiency of heavy handed authority. And while the king was like to always be a Shellten, Bradyn couldn't help but feel that his family's influence in Hellfire Ridge could only be heightened, if his father adopted the crown's methods.

    In the six years since, and despite the fact that his father is in good health, Bradyn has secretly been planning his rule of Stone Forge. The Beaumarche uprising has lead him to believe that an attempt on his father's life could come at anytime, and he must be prepared to rule. He travels to court for all major events, and personally leads every caravan of gems and gold along the trade route, knowing that Beaumarche lands are between Stone Forge and Hebron.

    Writing Sample:

    The young man sat in the plain wooden chair, resting his chin on the pommel of his sword, whose tip rested on the soft stone floor beneath. He watched the prisoner sleep, struggling to keep the dank smell of the dungeon out of his nose. There was naught for light, save the candle at the boy's foot, which he had brought with him. "Wake up, sir." The prisoner didn't stir. Bradyn reached down to the plate on the floor and picked up a heel of stale bread. He threw it at the sleeping form and when it careened off the prisoner's head, the chained man scrambled up and retreated to a corner of the room. "That's better," he said casually. "I was beginning to think you had died. And that would not do."

    Leaning back in the chair, Bradyn brought the imposing bastard sword up to rest on his shoulder. "What is your name, sir?" The prisoner just shook his head, and slid his heels across the floor of his cell, trying to flee further into his corner. The man had never said a word to Bradyn, and it bothered the young knight to no end. In fact, he spoke to no one, not even the servant girls who brought his meal, or his jailors. But whoever he was, he must have been important. He had been here for as long as the heir to House Hallward could remember. And what bothered him more, Bradyn was sure that his father knew who the man was. Not that he would ever share that with his son. "I will find out, you know. It's only a matter of time. I might not be able to torture you, but I will find out all the same."

    Bradyn stood and placed Devilsbane back into it's scabbard. He exited the cell and locked it behind him. Turning back, he smiled at his prisoner. "It's in everyone's interest that I have my answer before the old man perishes. If you are indeed worth more to me alive than dead, you really ought to let me know why. Otherwise, I might not see the point. There are swans in the courtyard, you know. And better uses for stale bread."

    Family Genealogy:

    ((Since the return of Allistair Day. If you need prior geneology, PM me))

    - Carleton Hallward -- Bliss Dane
          - Bradburn Hallward
          - Hildred Hallward
          - Berwick Hallward -- Elmira Cornerstone
              - Kinsey(f) Hallward
              - Pearson Hallward
              - Royston Hallward -- Jolenta Volene
                   Rhett Hallward
                   Tilton Hallward -- Liliana Daire
                        Jacob Hallward
                        Rory Hallward -- Briar Fairbanks
                             Esther Hallward
                             Michael Hallward
                             Royston Hallward -- Corina Hunter
                                  Bryce Hallward
                                  Terese Hallward
                                  Renee Hallward
                                  Bradley Hallward -- Jane Burgoyne
                                       Timothy Hallward
                                       Bradyn Hallward
                                       Cynthia Hallward
                                       Allison Hallward
                        Tessa Hallward
                        Jenna Hallward
                   Margaret Hallward
                   Upton Hallward
                   Laurentia Hallward
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