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Thread: Aracella Delarose

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    Aracella Delarose

    Player: Pern
    Contact: Aim

    Character Name: Aracella Delarose (pronounced Ar-ra-chel-la)
    Character Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: April 8, 196
    Current Location: Eddleton
    House: Costa by birth, Delarose by marriage.
    Crest Appearance: Delarose: Burning golden flame surrounded by 7 gold stars over dark navy blue.

    House Description/History:

    House Costa: A lesser noble family that made it's mark in trade with more precious materials such as silk, gold dredged from the seabed, pearls, mother of pearl, sea glass, and other such fineries. They were always a large family ripe with sons that took up the family trades. It is one of the few families that celebrates the birth of a daughter with great fervor. Their banner of a golden starfish beneath turquoise waves is known to many a tradesman as a source of fine stock and goods.

    House Delarose: An older family, the Delarose namesake is best known amongst sea-fairers and is synonymous with hospitality. Having gained their nobility generations ago by providing a safe refuge for travelers, Royal, Noble, and everything in between, in times of need. The Beacon was named as the symbol of hope and relief it gives to those lost at sea. Always brightly lit by hundreds of torches at night, it serves as a way to guide weary sailors to port, at the mouth of the great river that nearly splits Tuneric in two. The Delarose family plays host to all sorts, and their massive keep offers warm meals, beds, and lodgings to meet any man's needs, no matter what he can afford to pay. The family motto is "No traveler turned aside" which has chaffed the likes of some highborne families due to their penchant for housing those of less desirable attributes. Though the family is not very big, its following and employ is quite impressive. Recently House Delarose suffered the loss of its Lord, leaving an estranged Uncle to lead until the young Heir comes of age.

    "The Beacon"

    Colliouer Castle, France

    Played By/Face Claim: Scarlett Johansson

    Appearance: A petite and spry sort of woman, Cella is marked for her delicate features and subtle beauty. While not the most highly endowed of ladies, her grace and quiet, reserved nature make her something of a curiosity to others. Her hair falls to her waist and is the color of wheaten gold, barring soft waves from the sea winds. Her skin is sunkissed and tan, her eyes as bright and blue as a clear sky on the waters, her face gently rounded and refined. She is not terribly tall, standing only at 5'4'', but carries herself with the dignity of a Queen, making her seem taller than she is.

    Personality: Raised proper as the only daughter to a family full of sons, it is said that Aracella left the womb without a peep and her hands neatly folded at her front. She is a quiet sort that keeps mostly to herself and hides her intellect behind the common duties a woman is expected to keep. Having made perfect with practice since the day she could be taught, Cella is skilled at sewing, singing, playing the piano, horseback riding, dancing, and just about every girly thing you would find a noble's daughter entertained with. She dislikes dirtying her hands with soil, and so never was much of a gardener, nor did she ever take a great liking to land animals of any kind, though she is fond of dolphins and other sea creatures.

    Cella has a mind for memorizing information. She never forgets a face or a name or a birth date, and if you wish to have the island's history recited to you she would be the person to ask. This makes her particularly good at counting coin, tracking sales, and keeping tabs on the market of goods in which Eddleton is deeply entrenched. She holds a deep interest for the unknown and particularly likes to read and collect books of any kind. She is a very organized person and dislikes clutter or chaos of any kind. Cella doesn't find great pleasure in trinkets, accessories or superfluous things, though she has a few pieces that she wears constantly; one such being a starfish carved from mother of pearl hanging on a long, delicate gold chain.

    Aracella masters her emotions with a great deal of willpower, though she is certainly not the most courageous of women. Boldness is not one of her weapons, nor is a sharp, unbridled tongue. Her anger and aggression is quite passive and subtle, though she has been known to pay back scorn with underhanded plots. Having grown up with five brothers she did learn to be thick-skinned, forward-thinking and diplomatic.

    Being a sea-born child, she holds a great deal of respect for Moreesa and makes daily contributions to the Goddess. She favors Vopsa, and Plex in her rituals for their close connection to her life, and she is always sure to see that Vifor is bidden with regular prayer to stay his fury.

    Being a person that is content to make the best of things, Aracella is hard pressed to complain about much. She dislikes being away at Court and much prefers to stay home, maintaining The Beacon and seeing that its patrons are comfortable and well-tended. She may seem deeply caring but the truth is that she pleases others for her own moral well-being. Unbeknownst to many Aracella is rather detached from others, even her own family and children, and has few that she would call friend.

    Personal History:

    No one is quite sure where Aracella Costa received her demure personality from. Her father a loud, surly extroverted businessman and her mother a boisterous, opinionated lush were both quite befuddled by their babe girl's quiet self. As a baby she rarely cried and seemed content to merely explore and watch. Even as a toddler and juvenile she caused little harm or trouble, preferring to play alone. Aracella did not form a close bond with either of her parents. Her father was away on business most the time and her mother was far too self-absorbed and drunk to raise a care. The girl stayed at the lessons of a Septa who was rough and terse, having raised only boys for the family before her. Cella picked up life skills quickly, learning to read, write and perform arithmetic at a young age.

    Her childhood was spent in the shadow of her older brothers. When not at lesson Cella often dodged their teasing and rough play. She had little in common with the sons who were so much like their father, and it wasn't until her adolescence that she formed a fondness for her brother Benedict. They both enjoyed books, and as Bene grew older and traveled with his father, he would return with new pages for her to read. His death when she turned 12 hit her harder than she ever expected, and so she did not liken to form close bonds with others afterwards.

    At age 16 Aracella was married off to Artemis Delarose: a 22 year old whaler who had very suddenly inherited the massive estate of his father without any desire to run it. The match was good. Aracella had the mind for running a business and woman's touch that the place desperately needed; Artemis preferred to stay at sea hunting whales and gathering patrons for the home. The marriage was consummated quickly, which was lucky considering Artemis died in a whaling incident only a few weeks following. Cella grieved little for her loss for she barely knew him. She did fear for being returned to her family, but learning she was pregnant a short time later saved her from such a fate. The birth of her twins, son and daughter, sealed herself in the Delarose House forever as the mother of her late husband's heir. Ser Roland Delarose, Artemis' estranged uncle, was called in as a steward to the House until the young heir came of age.

    As it happens, Aracella does not have the mind for maternity, and verily named Artemis' younger sister, Phelandra, her Lady-in-waiting and Governess of the children. Another good match, being that Phelandra was unable to bare children of her own. The girl took up the job eagerly.

    Four years have passed. Aracella enjoys her station as Lady of the home and takes her role very seriously. While she runs things at the discretion of Rolan, the man seems content to allow her reign of the business end while he takes care of the political end. Often Rolan leaves to attend Court so that she does not have to, and will run errands to meet with distant Lords. Rolan is one of the few people Aracella would call anything more than an acquaintance as she enjoys the mans company when he is around, and has made him something of a confidante.

    Family Genealogy:


    -Emillio Costa -- Nicolleta Frey
         -*Ciro Costa (188) -- Wife
         -*Benedict Costa (188)
         -Genero Costa (190)
         -Amerigo Costa (192) -- Wife
         -Aracella Costa (196) -- Artemis Delarose(190)
              -*Arturo Benedict Delarose (212)
              -*Tulliara Colette Delarose (212)
         -Remigio Costa (198)

    -Eugene Delarose -- Cherie Belmen
         -Marie Delarose -- Husband
         -Julien Delarose -- Amelie Hayton
              -Erich Delarose -- Ruthanne Morris
                   -Gerard Delarose -- Ellie Tulwin
                        -Artemis Delarose(190) -- Aracella Costa (196)
                             -*Arturo Benedict Delarose (212)
                             -*Tulliara Colette Delarose (212)
                        -Phelandra Delarose (198) -- unmarried/barren
                   -Rolan Delarose -- unmarried
                   -Lurenna Delarose -- Husband

    Writing Sample:

    The evening skies blazed a brilliant array of blues and oranges and reds. It was the time of day Cella liked the most, and often she would enjoy it alone along the decks of The Beacon where she could watch the night tide roll in along the beaches below. The Delarose household was busy as ever. Summer seasons often brought a high number of travelers, and not just the typical sailors. Lords and Ladies, Dames and Gents from faraway houses found refuge from their seasickness at the grand hall of the Beacon. Faces Aracella had never seen before nor likely would see again flashed by through the warm months. Coming and going like the tides themselves. The Lady stopped along the outer east corner where the benches were few and the chatter was quieted. Here she had a wide-open view of the eastern seas; today calm and placid and lurid green. Ships dotted the horizon, and she found herself wondering if one of them was red from the sunset, or did it bare the red sails of her Siren?

    "Warm today," a gruff voice sounded behind her and Aracella turned to spy the massive armored form of her Uncle Rolan.

    "Ser Rolan," she smiled softly and not without a hint of humor. He moved so quietly for a man so big and burdened, "Welcome home."

    "Uncle," he reminded her before enveloping her tiny form in an embrace, "you look well, Cella. Your cheeks are pink."

    "Warm today," she responded with a droll smile, fanning herself.

    "It is. Southern rains will be here soon. Just in time for the fish and the Harvest Festival. Won't you join me this year?" the man leaned heavily against the stone wall, loosening a band of leather on his bracers.

    "We will break our bread to Yuscat in the great hall with all those who did not warrant an invite."

    "But you warranted an invite," Rolan lofted a brow at her, "I can stay in your stead if it pleases you."

    Aracella brushed a lock of hair from her face, turning to look into the soft breeze, "It would please me most to be where I am needed, not where I am invited. Thank you, Ser Rolan," she curtsied, "but I would light the torches now before the sun is gone and the ships crash upon my doorstep." Turning and walking off, she smiled again as she heard him tell her one more time 'uncle.'
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