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    Xavier Fairfax

    Player: Rick
    Contact: PM here. G-Chat: AIM: Lil Charlemagne

    [Public Application]

    Character Name: Xavier Fairfax
    Character Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: November 20th
    Current Location: Suffolk
    House: Fairfax
    Banner Appearance:

    House Description - Credit to Azza for this!

    House Fairfax dates back to the Cult of Mink-Asa crisis. Originally a group of family ran farms in Suffolk, the Fairfax were one of the first to rise up against the Cultist following the boy King's rescue. The Fairfax family nearly died out from the purging of the lands, and for their reward, they were elevated into Nobility. Loyal servants of the new Monarchy, they ruled Suffolk and it's surrounding farmlands, keeping the kingdom supplied with food and resources from livestock such as wool, leather and milk. Their control of the Suffolk has lasted since then, but relations between Fairfax and the rest of the realm have all but disappeared. The speculation is that Robert Fairfax II, was outraged at other lower families advancing beyond Fairfax, despite nearly 200 years of loyal service and their part in the forming of the new Monarchy. Suffolk for a brief period became an isolationist, only speaking beyond their own territory for marrying off their sons and daughters to other noble families and for selling their wares.

    In 211, Thaddeus Fairfax died leaving his four orphaned children to keep the Fairfax Dynasty going, without their mother who had died in childbirth with Victoria. Thaddeus however, was a shrewd businessman and left his children with a large amount of wealth. The eldest Thomas Fairfax, despite being heir, did not want the responsibility of being the Lord of Suffolk. His younger brother Edward, at 26, took the reigns of House Fairfax and has spent the last 5 years totally modernizing their assets and pumping money into their industry. To this day, Fairfax remains a hold of agriculture and livestock raising. But beyond that, Edward Fairfax has constructed the large palace of Ferrers Court (in honour of his late mother's family). With Edward's love of music, drinking, feasts and eating, tourneys, hunting and of course women: Suffolk has become newly popular with the Gentry. Noblemen and women alike, often come to the Edward's court which almost rivals that of the Royal family. Some see it as a getaway from their duties, some as a great place to meet potential lovers and spouses and some to network with other members of the Gentry. One thing they can all agree on, is if you want fun: you head to Suffolk; and Ferrers Court.

    Now once again, the Fairfax family are finally being pushed back into the hearts and minds of the common people and of the Monarchy. Edward Fairfax intends to bring back the honour and glory of House Fairfax and to claim the recognition and reward that this historical family are owed.

    The crest of Fairfax was originally a golden griffin upon a red shield, but when the family had mulitple marriages in a short period of time, with the Loren family: the Loren golden fleur de lys upon blue was quartered with the Fairfax crest; and it has remained so ever since.

    Played By/Face Claim: David Beckham


    Tall, toned, and physically imposing, Xavier Fairfax is nothing like his more notable cousin. He has steel blue eyes, blond hair, and broad shoulders. His strong heart cut jaw is framed by straight cheekbones and a cleft chin.

    Though he is more likely to be seen shirtless than Kiirion Avayne, when he is in formal attire, he is always dressed to the nines. He prefers sharp cut tunics of greys and blacks. He is almost never seen wearing his family colors unless he is forced into official business as a member of the Order of the Sword.


    Xavier is at once, charming, flirtacious, just, and noble. But without moral compunction. He treats everyone the same, and is characteristically opposed to taking sides. He makes friends at both ends of the compass, and is like as not to do favors for either.

    He is a gifted swordsman, rider, and student. An intellectual who finds ease speaking on any topic, and a man who fits into almost any social situation, whether it be with royalty or peasantry. A renaissance man who is generally liked, his existance is a point of severe frustration for his cousin Edward.


    Born to Edmund Fairfax and Delia Courtenay, young Xavier grew up at court, as his father was a member of the Knights of Dawn. Despite being older than his cousin Edward, and from a higher branch, his father had sacrificed his rights by taking his position among the King's Guard. Always sociable and well liked, Xavier left the castle at sixteen to squire for Teruss Caldoran, and was knighted in 208 at Taldorach by the same.

    Since the death of his mentor, Xavier has circled the island in his own personal pursuits, generally wealth and companionship, though nothing resembling commitment. Considered a traveling scholar, Xavier is known to almost every noble of the island, as he has spent time in every court on the island. His opinions are well respected, and his philandering is generally overlooked, so long as no great offense is given.

    Writing Sample:

    The hay loft was as comfortable as any bed he had slept in in the last six months, and when the sun had come into the morning sky, the rays turned the backs of his eyelids from black to red. Squinting them open slowly, Xavier noted the topless brunette still slumbering with her head on his bare chest. He smiled to himself as he recalled the woman's eagerness the night before, and about the giggle in her voice when she thought about how mad her father would be when he found out.

    The man had vowed to himself that he would be gone before that could happen, but the rooster's crow startled him. It was later than he thought, and there would be no fleeing under the cover of night. He gently set the woman aside, laying her head against her own blouse as he gathered up his clothing. He pulled them on as he descended from the loft. As he was about to pull his boots on, he heard the girl's father call out for her, and he cursed under his breath.

    Wrapping the laces in his fist, he made a sprint for his horse, still tied to a pole in the lower half of the barn. When he had him freed and was in the saddle, he gave the beast it's head, and bolted from the barn. As he looked back, he saw the fat farmer tossing a pitchfork that fell well short. He finally chuckled to himself and turned the horse towards the river. He was going to need a bath...and to cut his tracks with the water.

    Family Genealogy:

    Fairfax (year born)
    - William Fairfax (30) -- Elizabeth Lucan (33)
         - Paul Fairfax (65) -- Hannah Lemoine (67)
              - John Fairfax (89) -- Katherine Shellfeld (92)
                   - Harold Fairfax (115) -- Mary Windsor (117)
                        - Elayne Fairfax (139)**
                   - Robert Fairfax (121) -- Anne Loren (130)**
                        - Henry Fairfax (134) -- Maria Fitzgerald (133)
                             - Edmund Fairfax (162) -- Delia Courtenay (164)
                                  - Xavier Fairfax (187)
                                  - AaliyahFairfax (192)
                        - William Fairfax (137)
                        - Jane Fairfax (138)**
                   - Roger Fairfax (122) -- Samantha Price (121)**
                        - Charles Fairfax (141) -- Sarah Cobb** (142)
                             - Thaddeus Fairfax (161) -- Catherine de Ferrers (165)
                                  - Thomas Fairfax (183)
                                  - Edward Fairfax (185)
                                  - Catherine Fairfax (196)
                                  - Victoria Fairfax (199)
                   - Bryce Fairfax (126)**
              - Margaret Fairfax (92) -- Phillipe Loren (114)
                   - Francois Loren (143)**
              - Edward Fairfax (96) -- Rosalie Loren (99)**
                   - Robert Fairfax (120) -- Anne Loren (121)
                        - Lawrence Fairfax (139) -- Nicole Smith (141)
                             - John Fairfax (164) -- Aislynn Sheridan (186)
                                  - William "Will" Fairfax (205)
                                  - Henry Fairfax (208)
                                  - Christian Fairfax (204)
              - Godwin Fairfax (98) -- Matilda Cromwell (103)
                   - Richard Fairfax (136) -- Mary Wolsey (138)
                   - Elizabeth Fairfax (138) -- Hans Von Claussen (134)**
                        - Otto Von Claussen (159)**
                        - Ludwig Von Claussen (172)**
              - Jane Fairfax (102) -- Harold DeWinter (100)**
                   - Anne DeWinter (143)**
         - Logan Fairfax (68) -- Yvaine MacBaxter (72)
              - Robert Fairfax (94)**
              - Alistar Fairfax (97)**
              - Oliver Fairfax (99)**
              - Thomas Fairfax (102)**

    **Branches open to expansion.
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