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    Atlas Armistead

    Player: Penny
    Contact: Paint with all the colors of the wind.

    Character Name: Atlas James Armistead
    Character Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: 14 September, 188
    Current Location: Eaton
    House: Armistead
    Crest Appearance: [img]**familynamehere**.jpg[/img]

    House Description/History: An ancient merchant family, the Armisteads rose to nobility after giving use of their extensive merchant fleet to a king in need, centuries before, or so family legend says. What is known is that they have been Lords of Eaton for hundreds of years and are reasonably wealthy. They have a trading empire set up in Eaton and the surrounding area. The family also has a long and storied tradition of serving the kings of Tuneric as knights and soldiers as well as merchants.

    For the last 30 years, the Armisteads had a tenuous alliance with the Redleaf family through a marriage between Gerald Armistead and Berniece Redleaf. The alliance did not die with the death of Gerald in 214. His younger brother Tythus took over the family business and when he died of plague in 216, Tythus' son Atlas took over. Atlast has decided that it's time to claim the Redleaf fortune and business for his own following the death of his distant "cousins," the Redleafs.

    Armistead Keep -- Castello Falconara

    Played By/Face Claim: Ryan Koning

    Appearance: Tall and lean, Atlas Armistead is a handsome young man. Years at sea serving as a protector of his family's ships and cargo have made him tanned, broad-shouldered and muscular. He has a rather imperious look about him, with cold gray eyes and a square jaw. He has straight, clean teeth and a long, narrowish nose. Atlas sports light brown hair bleached to gold by the sun and long enough to lick at the collar of his tunic. Where once he wore loose tunics and tight-fitting breeches, befitting his role as a privateer in service to his family's trading fleet, he now clads himself in the professional dress of his family.

    Usually that means a lightweight tunic, sometimes trimmed with brocade for special occasions. He tends to wear dark colors: blacks and browns, grays and hunters, navies and crimsons. He wears precious little jewelry save for his seal ring and, occasionally a chain of some variety around the neck.

    Personality: A rather spoiled and indulged child, Atlas grew into adulthood serving as a privateer in his service to his family's merchant fleet. He learned devotion and duty, as well as responsibility, during those years on the seas. He has matured from a demanding, spoiled brat into a responsible young man. That is not to say, though, that he doesn't have desires. He certainly has them, and what's more, he sees himself as entitled to have his desires fulfilled. The difference is that now, he recognizes that he must make his desires come to pass rather than demanding that someone else provide him with what he wants.

    While he avoids all drink and intoxicating substance, Atlas has a weakness for women. During his seafaring years he had a woman in every port. He is willing to say whatever it takes to get a woman he wants into his bed, and inventing an identity that made him just another anonymous member of the crew protected him from any would-be bastards--an occurance that, thankfully, has not yet happened. He is a jealous lover, however, and somewhat hypocritical as only a nobleman can be on that front: he can take as many lovers as he likes, but he insists that his women are devoted only to him.

    Atlas is cunning and intelligent, but he lacks a complete understanding of the economics of trade. He is more concerned with getting things where they're going, and relies heavily on his father's plans and old, trusted advisers to decide what goes where. And while he is devoted to his work, he also makes time for play and for keeping up his swordsmanship. Atlas prides himself on being a skilled combatant and has become frustrated that his new duties take up so much of what once was leisure time.

    Personal History: Born to a wealthy merchant family, Atlas learned the trade early by observing his father. By the time he learned to read and write at the age of 6, he was an apprentice for his father, learning the ropes of how to run the family's trading empire. At this time, he also served as something of a home-squire for his uncle, where he learned swordsplay. This came in handy when, during Atlas' 14th year, there was a disturbing rash of piracy that cost his family much gold, and Atlas decided that he would lead a band of privateers that traveled with each family ship in order to boost morale and protect them. It took him three hard years to practice and train enough men to cover all the ships.

    The program was a great success, cutting down successful pirate attacks on Armistead ships to nearly nil, with the added and unexpected benefit of putting an end to the previously-unknown "employee discounts" that had been eating a little of the Armistead profit each run. At Atlas' suggestion, pay for the men increased to reward loyalty, and stealing was a death sentence.

    He remained at his post for nearly 10 years until he was recalled on the death of his father, Tythus, so that he could take over the family business. It was rough at first; after 10 years at sea, it was difficult to get back into the swing of the things he learned during his apprenticeship. Still, with diligent effort, he has made a success of it so far.

    In 216, he had an unexpected windfall after the death of his distant relations, the Redleafs. Atlas has resolved that he will unite the merchant empire with the Redleafs' expansive quarry and bricking industry--all the better to secure for his family more land, more money, more glory, and more favor from the King. And so, Atlas has set out for Pyre Cliff to collect his surviving cousin, the recently widowed Lara Redleaf Tierney. Though unrelated to the Redleaf clan by blood, Atlas plans to use the marriage relationship between his uncle Gerald Armistead and his aunt Berniece Redleaf Armistead to take control of Lara, Redhaven Hall, and the Redleaf fortune.

    Family Genealogy: Please include your character's genealogy. Please see previous profiles. Example below:

    Armistead (Birth Year)
    -Brenden Armistead (94) -- Katrane Kugel(99)
         -Rickard Armistead(118) -- Genera Abbotsford (113)
         -Anrel Armistead (121) -- Angelique Lamontagne (123)
         -Alecane Armistead (124) -- Cora Lamontagne (129)
         -Jacobian Armistead (128)
         -Brutian Armistead (130) -- Emryn Hightower (129)
              -Kilian Armistead (148) -- Linnet Priatree(155)
                   -Tythus Armistead (166)Mereille Montescue (166)
                        -Atlas Armistead (188)
                        -Cecilia Armistead (190)
                        -Torrence Armistead (193)
                   -Gerald Armistead (165) – Berniece Redleaf(170)
                        -Gemma Armiestead (189)
                        -Randal Armistead (191)
                        -Gerald Armistead II (192)

    Writing Sample:

    "Yes, Aunt Berniece," said Atlas as he pinched the bridge of his nose. His head was beginning to pound from the pressures of his new position. He sat in his armchair by the fire while his aunt and uncle, close friends until recently, stood over him. "I understand what's at stake. But I contend that it is ours for the taking. You are the only Redleaf left alive with a husband who can run the Redleaf empire. By the law of common sense, if not the realm, it must come to you. And by you, I mean us."

    Berniece sipped her wine thoughtfully and glanced at Gerald, her face stormy, before looking back to Atlas. "All I'm saying, my dear boy, is that if the law of common sense is not to govern, ought we not to see that the law on the books in Tuneric supports our position?" She looked uncertainly at the fire, her face quizzical. "Surely we should wait to hear back from the barristers--"

    "There's no time for that, woman," Atlas said impatiently. "We must restore order to the Redleaf quarries now, or there won't be any Redleaf quarries left to govern under the law on the books. Sod the barristers and sod their lawbooks, with all due respect, milady. When the time comes to justify our actions, we will do so, and if I have to beach a ship full of gold on the land of whoever we're dealing with I will. And if it gets up to the King himself, then the King will find the royal treasury a little heavier for doing the right thing. Please, I beg you not to belabor the point. By all means work with the barristers, but I ride for Redhaven Hall and Pyre Cliff tomorrow morning, and I must get rest for the journey."

    Atlas drained his glass--water, not wine--and stood, setting it on the mantlepiece. He kissed Berniece on the cheek and shook Gerald's hand before making his way from the study. Thank the gods, he thought to himself, that if you speak authoritatively and walk at a brisk clip you could go just about anywhere.
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