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Thread: Carson Kendrick - NPC

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    Carson Kendrick - NPC

    Player: Rick
    Contact: PM here. G-Chat: AIM: Lil Charlemagne

    [Public Application]

    Character Name: Carson Kendrick, Knight of the Shade
    Character Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: February 14th
    Current Location: Tarreston (Pyre Cliff)
    House: Kendrick
    Banner Appearance:

    House Description -

    Mountain Rose Estates (Balmoral Castle)

    The history of House Kendrick is a muddled one. Rising to prominence in the service of the Redleaf family, Jarrad Kendrick was a distinguished knight who defended the quarries in Pyre's Cliff from bandits and rival families. He was promoted and granted the town of Tarreston to hold for the Redleafs. Building Mountain Rose from the ground up, he settled down and began to form a family.

    Jarrad's wife was not suited for proper noble breeding, and their children were not very hearty stock. The family suffered a number of miscarriages and young deaths, and very few of them survived to adulthood.

    When Jarrad eventually passed, Mountain Rose passed to his eldest son, a ineffectual man named Collin, whose knighthood had been purchased by his father, and who was content to rest on his laurels until there were none left to rest on. He had four children by two wives, only two of whom have survived, and the younger daughter had barely done that.

    When his estate fell to nothing, Collin committed suicide, leaving his second wife and child in the lurch until his only surviving son Carson returned home to restore order to the family holdings, rebuilding them from the ground up.

    Played By/Face Claim: Paul Bettany


    Tall and fair, Carson Kendrick's appearance varies between clean and well kept, distinguished in fashion and accessories, to ragged and thin, when he decides to overwork himself. To this end, his weight will also vary, often fluctuating by twenty pounds at different times of the year. His face is capable of a wide range of emotions, as his occupation requires a variety of different looks. He can go from scholarly to appalled to enraged to infatuated in a matter of moments.


    Sharp of wit and tongue, Carson is the perfect example of split personalities. He is ruthless in his business dealings, dangerous as a foe, and short of temper when pushed or disrespected. At the same time, he is kind, generous, and devoted to his younger sister and daughter, and has been known to spoil them with horses, clothing and gifts. Kendrick appreciates fine things, including women, wine and property. He is extremely secretive, and spends his money wisely in pursuit of information and leverage against his enemies and allies alike.

    A violent man, Carson has little in the way of pity for those he considers beneath him, which is most everyone. He is not above taking what he wants from the weak, and that includes women. Though technically a knight, Carson holds little in the way respect for the Code of Chivalry.


    Born into a very frail family, Carson spent his childhood in the estate at Tarreston, struggling to keep himself and his half sister Cordelia fed. His father had long been riding the value of the family name until there was almost nothing left of it. His mother had died when he was young, and Carson was raised by a stepmother who was very kind to him, despite the fact that his father showed little interest in raising his son.

    Squiring as soon as he was of age, Carson was glad to leave Tarreston behind. He was knighted at the young age of sixteen, but quickly removed himself from service to the crown. Falling in with a group of men who had their eyes set on profit, a young Carson and his new mentor, a man named Railen formed a loosely organized band of mercenaries that called themselves the Knights of Shade. When Railen died in a botched raid following the betrayal of a young woman named Jaelyn, Kendrick assumed the leadership role, and has strengthened the order since his ascension.

    Returning home at the age of twenty-two, now a rich man and the father of an adopted daughter, Carson found the estate of Tarreston in disrepair, with his twelve year old sister Delia on the verge of starvation and afflicted with physical disabilities. His father had passed, and his step-mother was ill. They couldn't afford to maintain the grounds, and had sold off most of their possessions to keep what servants they could.

    Nursing his family back to health, Carson used his new fortune to slowly restore Tarreston to its former glory, and hired the best physicians for his sister. When he learned that she might benefit from the hot springs in Day's Death, Kendrick had Delia sent there to be healed. Her recovery was nearly complete when he had stopped receiving reports, and is planning an excursion to the island to retrieve the girl.

    Family Genealogy:

    - Jarrad Kendrick -- Louisa Perault
         - Collin Kendrick -- Melinda Burnes
              - Carson Kendrick
                   - Victoria Kendrick
              - Dawson Kendrick
              - Melanie Kendrick

                         -- Darniese Camorelle
              - Cordelia Kendrick
         - Nannette Kendick
         - Bryce Kendrick -- Marlene Dallence**
              Harrison Kendrick

    ** This branch is open to expansion.
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