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    Maera Hepburn

    Player: Penny
    Contact: Nope!

    Character Name: Maera Hepburn
    Character Age: 22
    Gender: Female
    Birthday: June 29, 193
    Current Location: Maple Glade
    House: Hepburn
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: (Credit The Rick (TM)) House Hepburn is a relatively young house in the Woodland Reach city of Maple Glade. It was granted to Patrick Hepburn by Aramis Shellten in 194. Patrick, a noted cartographer and architect had been hired by King Aramis for multiple efforts, and through diligent work gained the favor of the crown. After he had completed construction of a commissioned hunting lodge for the the king in the winter of 193, Aramis Shellten was so impressed that he gifted the estate to Patrick, and promoted him to Master Royal Engineer.

    After moving his wife and son into the keep, Patrick spent most of his time in the capital. He would return home from time to time to spend winters with his family, only to be gone again in the spring. Delaney his wife raised the children, mostly with the help of servants, and spent most of her days withdrawn in her chambers, often too depressed to come to any gathering other than meals. The children learned to lean on each other, and have always been very close.

    By the time King Aramis passed away in August of 216, Patrick's children were full grown, and running Hepburn Castle themselves. When their father returned home in early August, he had decided to forgoe the Coronation of young King Cailen, and sat in an odd kind of mourning for his lost monarch. Having been away so long, the older man was ill equipped for the responsibilities of his holdings, and eventually learned that the children he had sired were complete strangers to him.

    So it was that when a local trapper came to the keep seeking an audience to discuss one of Patrick's sons deflowering his daughter, the scandal spiked the man's blood pressure, and eventually led him to a heart attack a few days later. The children, immediately went about services for their father, to whom none of them were very close. The services kept them from attending the festival in Hebron, and together they made plans to attent the Harvest Festival and pledge their allegiance to the new king.

    Played By/Face Claim: Michelle Dockery

    Appearance: Maera is tall and slender, standing at about five feet, seven inches tall. From afar, her skin appears to be alabaster and flawless, but up close, a smattering of light freckles can be seen scattered across her cheeks. She has deep brown eyes framed by expressive, dark eyebrows and long, dark eyelashes. Her hair is lustrous and deep brown, and while it is long and generally wavy, she tends to wear it pinned back and out of the way. She dresses simply in rather somber colors--dark blues, browns, blacks, but with the occasional splash of color in a pale gold or cranberry or her family color of orange. Maera stays trim by being an avid rider, skilled in both trotting and jumping with her horse, Lady.

    Personality: Maera Hepburn is a proud and ambitious woman, forged in the fire of a proud and ambitious family. Although she is only a girl, and thus has limited opportunity to bring glory to the Hepburn family, her mother Delaney has taken great pains to explain just how a girl contributes. Thus, Maera's dearest ambition is to make an advantageous marriage into a powerful family. She is proud, at times almost to the point of haughtiness, and considers herself to be something of a maven in style and social graces thanks to her good breeding and pedigree. Her pride always encourages Maera to be dignified and graceful in all manner of things. She takes great pains to be a good hostess and to remain polite, if bland, under all circumstances.

    Extremely close to her brothers, Maera is only ever truly able to let her guard down around Bosleigh and Grant, and then only at certain times. She has always striven to provide a comfortable environment for them in any way she can. This means that she can also be extremely guarded around them if revealing a certain piece of information to them would cause them discomfort. However, due to their closeness, her brothers can sometimes tell when something is wrong, but can't always tell what it is.
    She sees her brothers as loved ones to protect, even if it's protecting them from unpleasantness or from themselves.

    Although shy--oftentimes painfully so--Maera has been forced to overcome her fear of attention by her position as lady in waiting to the Queen. Her mother, Delaney, insisted that she train in singing, dancing, in addition to learning both the common language and the ancient, so as to be able to entertain the Queen and read from almost anything in the royal library. Years worth of letters from Delaney telling her to be more useful, make herself more invaluable, and to be more outgoing and gregarious to earn the royal family's favor with her family forced her to work through her crippling shyness.

    Personal History: The second child and only girl of Alec and Delaney Hepburn, Maera grew up exceptionally close to her brothers but practically estranged from her parents. Her mother, always aloof and more interested in her boys than Maera, and more interested in leisure and dawdling than any of her children, handed Maera off to a nurse, then a nanny, and then shipped the child out to Hebron to serve as a lady in waiting to Queen Belle Shellten when Maera was fourteen years old. She returned to the family during the court's progress, when the Queen was attended to by other ladies in waiting.

    During these times, Maera was reunited with her brothers and was glad to see them, but she missed Queen Belle. The Queen, simply with her constant presence and demeanor, was more of a mother figure than Delaney ever had been. While serving the Queen, Maera became an expert in etiquette and social graces and learned in reading, writing, basic theology, and music. She remains a champion horsewoman and enjoys riding daily.

    Family Genealogy:

    - Alec Hepburn -- Helena Lindt
         - Patrick -- Delaney Stormshand
              - *Grant Hepburn
              - Maera Hepburn (22)
              - Bosleigh Hepburn (20)
              - Seamus Hepburn (19)
         - Allison Hepburn (died in infancy)
         - James Hepburn -- Mary Stuart
              - male cousin Hepburn
              - female cousin Hepburn
         - Edgard Hepburn -- Tisha Airesbane
              - male cousin Hepburn
              - male cousin Hepburn
              - Alec Hepburn (14)

    Writing Sample:

    All was quiet, and much of the Hebron countryside was swathed in fog because of the early hour. The sun hadn't yet risen over the horizon, but the sky was ablaze to the east with golden rays. It was an altogether eerie sort of look, thought Maera Hepburn as she directed her horse across a ridge outside the city. Another lady was with the Queen this morning, giving Maera the morning off. Instead of dawdling in the city, looking at expensive gowns or jewelry or trinkets, she had taken Lady from the stables for a ride. There was nothing quite like the morning air here. It was second only to the pre-dawn air of Maple Glade.

    She idly wondered how Grant was doing and glanced over at the horseman who had come up. She was advised to keep one of the King's gentlemen with her at all times when outside the palace, since the unfortunate business with King Aramis. Maera thought it was entirely proper, since a young lady should never travel alone anyway--especially an unmarried young woman.

    Soon her days with the Queen would come to an end. Her father Patrick Hepburn would send for her--more likely, send a letter--instructing her to marry Master Such and Such, although Maera still held out for a Lord Such and Such. The Hepburns were a newly noble family, relatively, but they were still noble. And there was much to be gained from a match with the most accomplished cartographers in the kingdom. Explorers who thought there were new places to seek and find could use maps to get there and back. Still, Maera mused, Bosleigh and the wee baby Seamus were more attractive to other families, being tall, strapping men.

    The horseman stirred and turned his horse. "What is it?" Maera asked distractedly, her voice constant and monotonous. A rider appeared from the mist as Maera turned; he was dressed in the orange and black livery of a Hepburn page. He explained that he had received word and went to find Maera in the castle, only to be told she was out by the bluffs. "Yes, here I am," she said impatiently. "What is it?" A scroll changed hands, from page to horseman, from horseman to Lady Maera. She broke the wax seal, her father's elaborate H seal making her roll her eyes. He could be so grand, Lord Hepburn.

    Only the writing inside wasn't her father's short and terse letter, nor was it her mother's flowery prose complaining that she wasn't doing enough for the family. It was her brother Grant's handwriting. She knew it anywhere, could imagine his warm hand crossing the page, hesitating over a word. She could picture the furrow in his brow. But why had he signed his letter with their father's seal? Perhaps the words would explain. She read the letter once, then one more time, and without a word to her escort or the page, urged Lady into a gallop back to Hebron.
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