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    Lexington Giovanni Caldoran

    Lexington Giovanni Caldoran

    Player: Amy
    Contact: Spinkt13 [at] gmail [dot] com

    Character Name: Lexington Giovanni Caldoran
    Character Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: September 22, 196
    Current Location: Heather's Moor, Castle Taldorach
    House: Caldoran by birth
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: (As written by Keiren with assistance from Skye)
    A House with it's beginnings in it's very name, the Duchy was given to Almos Caldoran, and when allowed to name it, he chose the most lovely name he knew, that of his only heir, Heather. Called Heather's Moor, it passed to her, her spouse adopting the name Caldoran as a mark of favor and respect. Since that time, generations upon generations of Caldorans have added to the city of Heather's Moor, and castle that bear their banner, that of a lion, gold, on green and purple. Their House Motto, Action not words, ironically, speaks volumes to their manner. A House of focus and drive, they have forged out a goodly existence in the wilds of deep forests, with their Castle, Taldorach, a fantastical creation, spanning a small tributary, called Caldoran's Branch, of The Darnelle River. Never sacked, the castle is surrounded by walls, towers, a hunting park, and deep, large gardens, providing fall back positions as needed for defenders. The river has large movable iron gates both up and downstream, to prevent ships without proper passage rights, from getting too close. Also downriver is the town, where all trade ceases from moving upstream, as a rule. Pleasure barges, moderate sized supply boats, and small private craft are about all that can navigate Caldoran's Branch.

    Known for lumber and trade, their city, walled and fortified, is acknowledged for safe passage, and well tended architecture, a meeting ground of several trade routes, coin changes hands swiftly here, right alongside information and ideas. Largely insulated from the outside world by the thick deep forests, Heather's Moor is only reached by caravans or large numbers, by two main roads, or by the river.

    Called The Hospitable House as a nod to their famed hunting parties, the Castle Taldorach has many times hosted the elite of the kingdom for week long celebrations and engagements. Loyal to the crown, they are iron clad in their support of the crown.

    Played By/Face Claim: Ryan Reynolds

    Appearance: At a glance, Lexington can look quite intimidating. He's quite tall, standing at about 6'2", and his thin frame is well muscled from all of his training. It's quite a counter point to his twin who, despite having largely had the same training regime, has a much more lithe and lean build. While it's obvious from behavior that they're twins, their looks are different enough that they're rarely mistaken for one another. Aside from being bigger, Lex is also a little fairer of hair than his twin, his hair and eyes both a lighter brown. His hair is usually kept short-ish and is normally swept back from his face, but when it gets long enough to be annoying he has the tendency to cut it close to his scalp and begin again. He's almost never seen without at least a hint of stubble, and he's known to have a full beard sometimes, but when necessity calls for it and if he shaves just before, he can maintain a smooth chin, for a little while at least.

    As far as clothing goes, Lex hates being flashy. He enjoys wearing his uniform for its ability to let him blend in and become at least partially anonymous, more seen for his job than any merit of his own personality. When not on duty he dresses more for comfort than anything else, tending toward simple garments in fine fabrics. It is not unusual to find him stripped to the waist if he's out training or practicing, and if someone comes in on him while he's sleeping they better pray he's at least that dressed.

    Personality: Lex projects a calm, cool confidence, but whether that is genuine or not remains to be seen. There are rumors of his temper, but word is that he's only really roused to real anger by a few things. Otherwise he's known as a good man; he can be a smart ass, but he rarely if ever takes it too far. His more reckless youth has taught him a thing or two, and now he's careful to keep from making waves, instead being sure to treat every person he meets with respect, unless they give him a reason to do otherwise.

    He takes his job seriously, and he spends a lot of his time working on improving himself. That means more time in the practice yard than at the bar, but it's part of the life he and his twin chose, so he accepts it. It helps that he, like his brother, has a positive outlook on things, always looking for an opportunity to have fun even in the most tedious of tasks. Unlike his twin, though, instead of losing himself in archery, Lex has a better job clearing his mind when he's beating the stuffing out of a training dummy; he finds it impossible to be still while his mind is agitated.

    Another trait he shares with his twin is an affinity for animals; they've both always had a way with them, but where Lars took special interest in horses, Lex always had a love for dogs. Although with his training he hasn't been able to have one of his own for many years, there are always some around the training grounds, and he can often be seen playing with them. He has no dreams of a marriage and a home life, but he does hope to someday have a space of his own. Not only would it be a point of pride, but then he would be able to have his own pets. He cares so little for marriage that he cannot even see himself sharing space with someone, aside from his brother of course. Although friendly, Lex values his independence, and after spending so much time with other men training he often likes nothing more than to retreat to somewhere quiet.

    Personal History: Lexington was born in the dead of night, a few hours ahead of his twin brother. His parents, Carrence and Rosalita Caldoran, were both very young, but his mother's youth was probably one of the only reasons she survived such a long and drawn out delivery. Growing up Lex was absolutely inseparable from his brother, to the point where the staff joked that the lady of the house had birthed one son into two bodies. That is not to imply that the twins got along all the time, of course; for as close as they were, sometimes they would have bouts of not being able to stand one another. Those brief times, although they rarely lasted more than a few hours, almost always broke down into a physical fight. But like the fiercest of storms, their fights worked themselves out quickly, and after they would be closer than ever.

    As their family grew in number, Lex made every effort to befriend his younger brothers. Still, while the four of them would sometimes go off together to make mischief and have adventures, Lex never felt more comfortable than when he was with Lars. There was just nothing like the bond he had with his twin. The twins did everything together, from studying to taking meals to training, and along the way the learned to work as an excellent pair. Each had their strengths and weaknesses, and although they didn't know what they were doing at the time, they grew to mesh their abilities almost seamlessly. This meant, of course, that they could do everything better together, be it something as mundane as learning their lessons to causing trouble in the villages.

    Driven by both the views of their family and their love for the training aspect of their lessons, the twins announced their interests towards knighthood when they were fourteen. Their family, as steadfast Shellten supporters, were proud of their sons and quickly got them into training. Although he excelled, Lex hated the fact that sometimes he was separated from his brother. It was the first time that anything had really come between them, and it felt altogether wrong to not be able to look over and know what Lars was doing. Still, he was determined to do well and show Lars what he'd accomplished when they were brought back together, so it was motivational, if unpleasant.

    Being as close as they were, after they became squires rumors began to circulate about the twins. Lex took them mostly in stride, not letting much bother him. After all, he knew what was true and what wasn't, and if these people wanted to go telling stories, let them. Thankfully the twins were each good enough separately to hold their own, and if anything got too out of hand they could handle it easily as a team. Of course, they kept in the lines of what was allowed...they weren't stupid enough to ruin their chances. But they learned how a confident, unified front could sway even the loudest of opponents.

    Their training as squires ended after they turned seventeen, when they were knighted and joined the Order of the Sword. Lex did well in the structured world of a knight, and he was proud to be serving his king and honoring his family with his service. Everything was going well...until the King got poisoned. From the moment the King fell sick the Lex and his twin were earmarked as part of a patrol to go out and investigate these foreigners, and when the King breathed his last they were sent out with what little information they had to see what they could discover about the murderers of their beloved king. It is this mission that currently has them away from the capital.

    Family Genealogy:

    Carwyn b. 131, d 199 -m- Constance Miyer, (Hunt winner, Local Girl)b. 130, d. 200
          Brendan b. 150, d. 208 -m- Therese McJennis b. 159
               Teruss b.177, d. 209 -m- Geneva Mayfleur b. 177, d. 209
                    Keiren Ryon b. 194 -m- Skye Blue Pellen b. 198
                        Camberlie Mai(Illegitimate, born prior to marriage to Skye) b. 213
                    Kalissa Joanne b. 194
                    Kivennah Beth b. 196
                    Kellavyn Ma'lee b. 198
                    Kellan Anne b. 198
                    Karenna b. 199
                    Kelwes John b. 202
               Calla Elyse b. 178 -m- (Name)
               Ellistra Genevieve b.180 -m- Raymon Riethert (b. 182)
                    Daughter Riethert
               Carrence Robert b. 181 -m- Rosalita b. 180
                    Lexington Giovanni b. 196 (Twin)
                    Larson Stylianos b. 196 (Twin)
                    Llewellyn Alonzo b. 199
                    Liam Demetrios b. 200

    Writing Sample:

    Sitting in the sun just outside the barn, Lex looked up from his work and glanced over to his brother. "How many times are you gonna brush that poor animal? You're going to give him a rash if you don't stop soon." He only grinned as his brother scowled at him, turning his attention back to the short sword that was sorely in need of care. Living in a place that was full of trees meant long weapons just weren't too practical, and although Lex preferred to use an axe, swords were just as important. This one had seen better days, having been neglected by one of the squires for long enough that it not only needed a good sharpening, but it had dents and nicks to be filed out as well.

    Larson stood not far away, tending to his horse. It was a beautiful creature, and as much as he made fun of him, Lex trusted Lars to know exactly what to do for the animal. "You would think nobody was teaching these kids how to take care of their things..." he said, mostly to provide some change from the squeal of the sharpening wheel. "If this one ever oiled his sword, I would be surprised. I feel like he was hacking at saplings with the way this thing looks. Fucking awful, if you ask me." Pausing again, he reached down and grabbed the shirt he'd discarded earlier, wiping the sweat from his face with it before tossing it back onto the ground.

    "Don't be so quick to knock them," Lars said, looking at his brother from over the back of the horse. "You and I weren't much better when we were their age." Lex shot him a look, but he couldn't disagree. They had no doubt been a handful as squires. Hell, they had probably been a handful their entire lives, but especially when people put weapons in their hands and expected them to be grown up about it. He fell silent as he began working again, concentrating on the angle and nothing else as he moved the blade slowly, ignoring the bits of oil and metal that were flying everywhere. The point wasn't to make it sharp; simply to remove the burrs and give a nice, finished edge. Truth be told he didn't even have to be doing this; it wasn't technically his duty to care for anyone's things but his own. But he knew from personal experience that a blade with burrs and nicks could cause more damage than one that was blunted properly, and keeping up with all the training blades was a big job, so it was something he volunteered to do every so often.

    "After I'm done with this one, what do you say to some lunch?" Lex didn't look up from his work, running his thumb over the edge to see where needed more work. "Sure," his twin replied, "But only if you clean yourself up first. I don't want to be seen with you when you're looking like that."

    Secrets: Wouldn't you like to know? (Also they're sent.)
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