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    Grant Hepburn

    Player: Rick
    Contact: PM here. G-Chat: AIM: Lil Charlemagne

    *_[Public Application]_*

    *Character Name*: Grant Hepburn
    *Character Age*: 24
    *Gender*: Male
    *Birthday*: April 1st
    *Current Location*: Maple Glade
    *House*: Hepburn
    *Banner Appearance*:

    *House Description* - Castle Claim: Hohenschwangau Castle

    House History:

    House Hepburn is a relatively young house in the Woodland Reach city of Maple Glade. It was granted to Patrick Hepburn by Aramis Shellten in 194. Patrick, a noted cartographer and architect had been hired by King Aramis for multiple efforts, and through diligent work gained the favor of the crown. After he had completed construction of a commissioned hunting lodge for the the king in the winter of 193, Aramis Shellten was so impressed that he gifted the estate to Patrick, and promoted him to Master Royal Engineer.

    After moving his wife and son into the keep, Patrick spent most of his time in the capital. He would return home from time to time to spend winters with his family, only to be gone again in the spring. Delaney his wife raised the children, mostly with the help of servants, and spent most of her days withdrawn in her chambers, often too depressed to come to any gathering other than meals. The children learned to lean on each other, and have always been very close.

    By the time King Aramis passed away in August of 216, Patrick's children were full grown, and running Hepburn Castle themselves. When their father returned home in early August, he had decided to forgoe the Coronation of young King Cailen, and sat in an odd kind of mourning for his lost monarch. Having been away so long, the older man was ill equipped for the responsibilities of his holdings, and eventually learned that the children he had sired were complete strangers to him.

    So it was that when a local trapper came to the keep seeking an audience to discuss one of Patrick's sons deflowering his daughter, the scandal spiked the man's blood pressure, and eventually led him to a heart attack a few days later. The children, immediately went about services for their father, to whom none of them were very close. The services kept them from attending the festival in Hebron, and together they made plans to attent the Harvest Festival and pledge their allegiance to the new king.

    *Played By/Face Claim*: Clive Standen


    In dress, stature, appearance, and demeanor, the word that best describes Grant Hepburn is "average". His brown hair and blue eyes, his five o'clock shadow, his five foot ten inch height, his one hundred and eighty five pounds, his simple riding tunic, all mark him as just like every other man who has lived twenty and four years. Whether teasing his sister Maera, or getting into mischief with the boys, Grant is almost always smiling.


    Often mistaken for aloof, Grant is extremely easy-going. He has lived a charm life in the time he has had thus far, spending much of his time with his siblings, and being greatly influenced by the two of them. He is at times practical and responsible, traits that he gets from Maera. While at others he is hot tempered or jovial, traits he has picked up from his brother Leigh. Grant is extremely mature, and has been most of his life. His father has always been distant, spending long hours working in secret on projects, and often ignoring his children.


    Born in 192 to Patrick Hepburn and Delaney Stormshand, Grant is the oldest of 4 children. He was relatively happy youth, moving from a small holding in Royalport to the castle at Maple Glade when he was only two years old. Shortly after the move, he was joined by a younger sister, Maera. The pair are the closest of the four siblings, having a natural bond that comes from being the oldest.

    A gifted student and athlete, Grant was a well rounded youth who was curious and impulsive to a fault. Often, this led him to a fair amount of trouble, that he usually relied on Maera to get him out of. Her knowledge of ettiquette and social mores are a great asset to Grant, and he values her opinion above all others.

    When his sister left to serve the queen, Grant became much closer to his younger brothers. The three of them have grown into capable men who have learned to run the castle in their father's absense. Gifted with numbers, Grant is well equipped to assume the role of Lord of Maple Glade, now that Patrick has passed away.

    *Writing Sample*:

    "Lord Hepburn," the old man asked as he approached Grant on the training field. Leigh and Seamus were out and about, so it fell to some poor guardsmen to suffer the blows of his training sword. It was the old man's valet, no doubt here to summon Grant for some reading of a letter or some other such triviality.

    Sweeping the leg of his opponent out from under him with the dulled blade, the young man walked away from rising dust behind him. "Lord Hepburn is my father, Carter. And I assure you, you're not like to find him here." Grant fetched up a goblet of sweet wine and drank deeply, wiping sweat from his forehead and alcohol from his lips in a single motion. The guardsmen was back on his feet, but the young man waved him away, before pulling off the helment and brushing his damp hair away from his eyes. "What brings you out into the sunlight, Carter? I'd hate for you to burst into flame."

    The old butler cleared his throat, and bowed his head slightly. "My apologies for the interuption, Lord Hepburn. I am afraid that I am not mistaken, however. If it would please my lord to follow me, the family is gathered in the den."

    As the old man turned and made his way back to the castle, Grant looked on in shocked silence. "Lord Hepburn," he whispered to himself. "Gods help me."

    _*Family Genealogy:*_

    - Alec Hepburn -- Helena Lindt
          - Patrick Hepburn -- Delaney Stormshand
               - *Grant Hepburn
              - Maera Hepburn (22)
               - Bosleigh Hepburn (20)
               - Seamus Hepburn (19)
          - Allison Hepburn (died in infancy)
          - James Hepburn -- Mary Stuart
               - male cousin Hepburn
               - female cousin Hepburn
          - Edgard Hepburn -- Tisha Airesbane
               - male cousin Hepburn
               - male cousin Hepburn
               - Alec Hepburn (14)
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