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Thread: Bosleigh Hepburn - NPC

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    Bosleigh Hepburn - NPC

    Player: Available NPC
    Contact: See Rick

    Character Name: Bosleigh Hepburn
    Character Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: February 27, 216
    Current Location: Maple Glade
    House: Hepburn
    Crest Appearance:

    House Description/History: - Castle Claim: Hohenschwangau Castle

    House History:

    House Hepburn is a relatively young house in the Woodland Reach city of Maple Glade. It was granted to Patrick Hepburn by Aramis Shellten in 194. Patrick, a noted cartographer and architect had been hired by King Aramis for multiple efforts, and through diligent work gained the favor of the crown. After he had completed construction of a commissioned hunting lodge for the the king in the winter of 193, Aramis Shellten was so impressed that he gifted the estate to Patrick, and promoted him to Master Royal Engineer.

    After moving his wife and son into the keep, Patrick spent most of his time in the capital. He would return home from time to time to spend winters with his family, only to be gone again in the spring. Delaney his wife raised the children, mostly with the help of servants, and spent most of her days withdrawn in her chambers, often too depressed to come to any gathering other than meals. The children learned to lean on each other, and have always been very close.

    By the time King Aramis passed away in August of 216, Patrick's children were full grown, and running Hepburn Castle themselves. When their father returned home in early August, he had decided to forgoe the Coronation of young King Cailen, and sat in an odd kind of mourning for his lost monarch. Having been away so long, the older man was ill equipped for the responsibilities of his holdings, and eventually learned that the children he had sired were complete strangers to him.

    So it was that when a local trapper came to the keep seeking an audience to discuss one of Patrick's sons deflowering his daughter, the scandal spiked the man's blood pressure, and eventually led him to a heart attack a few days later. The children, immediately went about services for their father, to whom none of them were very close. The services kept them from attending the festival in Hebron, and together they made plans to attent the Harvest Festival and pledge their allegiance to the new king.

    Played By/Face Claim: Peter Mooney


    Slightly shorter in stature than his older brother Grant, Leigh is a thin man with dark hair and dark eyes. He is a casual dresser when he is home or on the town, but cuts an impressive figure in his official house colors and armor. He is prone to cracking his knuckles, and is commonly seen with a wench on his arm, or an ale in his hand. He varies between short facial hair and none at all, depending on how long it has been since his last bath.

    Personality: Credit to Dave

    Young Bosleigh Hepburn is a man with much growing up to do. Though he's reached the age that requires him to shave, and despite nearing the age where many expect him to begin courting his future wife and possible mistresses, Leigh has yet to make the jump into such permanent responsibility. Instead, he chooses a simpler life of drinking, whoring, and fiddling with charcoal, ink and parchment. The latter hobby is something that gives his family at least a small bit of reassurance that not all hope is lost.

    Personal History:

    The third child, and second son, of Patrick and Delaney, Bosleigh was born in the last cold throes of winter, and was immediately ill as an infant. He nearly died of pneumonia within his first two months, but recovered to become a strong child. He has a persistent cough to this day due to the scarring of his lung tissue that came with his sickness. As soon as he was old enough to play, he did so with vigor. He was always free spirited, and loved to push the boundaries of his physical abilities, as well as those of authority. He was often kept from the more important gatherings hosted by his parents for fear that his rambunctiousness would cause trouble with company.

    He was a bright boy, and took to the family arts well, by far being the most talented cartographer and designer amongst the children. Lacking the patience of Grant, he often abandoned projects that many would have considered brilliant. Many of Grant and Patrick's better works were born out of young Bosleigh's ideas.

    As he grew older, Bosleigh became an accomplished fighter. Both in the training yard and the taverns. He is unmatched amongst his peers in hand to hand brawling, and has been known to fight for money, even though he never needed it. While Grant is the better swordsman, and Seamus is the strongest, Bosleigh has conditioned himself to take a beating, and will still have wind when his opponents are exhausted.

    Since the death of his father, Bosleigh has spent the majority of his time trying to help Grant with the management of the house guard and the horses. He is a better than fair rider, and Grant leans on him heavily. He is still good humored, and a little wreckless, but as the new heir to House Hepburn, he has made great strides towards respectability.

    Family Genealogy:

    Alec Hepburn -- Helena Lindt
          - Patrick Hepburn -- Delaney Stormshand
               - *Grant Hepburn
              - Maera Hepburn (22)
               - Bosleigh Hepburn (20)
               - Seamus Hepburn (19)
          - Allison Hepburn (died in infancy)
          - James Hepburn -- Mary Stuart
               - male cousin Hepburn
               - female cousin Hepburn
          - Edgard Hepburn -- Tisha Airesbane
               - male cousin Hepburn
               - male cousin Hepburn
               - Alec Hepburn (14)
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