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    Guy Durand

    Player: Rick
    Contact: PM here. G-Chat: AIM: Lil Charlemagne

    [Public Application]

    Character Name: Guy Durand, The Knight of Autumn
    Character Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Birthday: July 11th
    Current Location: Hebron
    House: Durand
    Banner Appearance:


    House Description: as written by Aloris

    House Durand is a proud house, nestled in the city of White Coast. They’ve been around for a very long time and are well established in the port city and are well-known throughout Tuneric. Considering they were instrumental in the re-establishment of the Shellten monarchy, the Durand’s take their position in White Coast as a very real means of protection on the Tuneric water front.

    House Durand’s main source of income is derived from the taxes levied on products moving in and out of the port. Being staunch supporters of the Shellten monarchy, House Durand is usually the first to advise Hebron of new people or products that might pass through their jurisdiction.

    Denizens of House Durand pray to many gods, most notably Moreesa, Ruzbin, Swaren, Iubita and Vifor. They participate heavily in Washing Day and usually travel as a whole to Hebron to participate in Ruzbin’s Tournament. House Durand has, in the past, proudly produced Champions of Ruzbin. It is not uncommon for the head of House Durand to send envoys to represent their house at feasts and celebrations for other gods and goddesses as well.

    Even though House Durand is prominent on land, they are also well-known as seafarers. They have a fleet of ships, most of which are chartered out to merchants and explorers, with House Durand earning commissions off of anything sold or discovered. There are three ships in the fleet specifically reserved as cruise ships for the Durand’s and their guests. These ships have spared no expense and offer the finest quality of room and board that can be found on a ship.

    Played By/Face Claim: Andrew W. Walker


    Tall and lean, the Knight of Autumn is a muscular man with fair hair and skin, and blue eyes. He is graceful in motion, and appears as comfortable in armor as he does in his coutier's faire. While standing guard over the king, Guy Durand carries his longsword, and wears armor of white plate, accented with gold and purple chain, along with the purple and gold cloak of his station. When at leisure, Guy prefers the colors of his family for formal occasions, wearing black and white for court functions, while preferring hues of green and red and brown when he is not dressing for occasion.

    Guy is known well for his shy smile, which looks a little awkward. He is often caught blushing at praise, and his soft blue eyes are often caught looking to the ground on the occasions when he is embarrassed or unsure of himself. When he is confident, his eyes seem to lighten to a steel grey color, and his height seems to rise beneath him.


    Guy Durand's personality is very much reflective of his surroundings. He is at once friendly and compassionate around the common folk, jovial and wreckless about his friends, shy and unsure around the beautiful ladies of court, fierce and fearless before his enemies, and tireless and loyal in his service to the king, his cousin and best friend. As the Commander of Dawn, Guy takes his duties very seriously, and still harbors a small amount of resentment towards his predecessor, on who's watch Aramis Shellten was murdered.

    Considered by most at court to be a paragon of an individual, the Knight of Autumn is considered one of the most chivalrous, dedicated, kind, and honorable men in the realm. He comports himself with courtesy and benevolence at every turn, and is without question, the most eligible bachelor in all of Hebron, if not Tuneric at large.


    Born in 191, and named for his noble grandfather, Guy Durand grew up on the beaches of White Coast, an athletic boy and eager to please his family. He was the son of House Durand's second son, Hector, and his wife Georgina, and blessed with two older cousins, which afforded him the chance to spend his youth free of the worry of ever being an heir to the house. It was apparent from an early age that the man would be fair, with pale grey/blue eyes beneath a mop of fine blond hair. He was at once courteous and noble, even from the cradle. His tutors and servants found him a delight, and he didn't press them in the slightest.

    And so it was that when the young man was in his thirteenth year, his aunt, Queen Belle Shellten brought the well-mannered young man to Hebron, to be a study and play mate for her son, King Calien who at the time was a boy of eight. He took immediately to the role of cousin, and soon found himself leading not only Calien, but his sisters Viviene and Vera on their adventures. The four of them were a mini-family unit, and did almost everything together.

    Eventually, as it became clear that their grooming would take them in different directions, the girls separated, moving onto sewing and etiquette, while the boys spent more time in the training yard. Guy traveled more, learned to joust from older knights, squired for some, and began to hone his skills as a warrior. When he was seventeen, he was attending the Festival of Harvests in Green Gate, when a few drunken men got out of hand and began to harass some of the women. The guards were struggling to maintain order, and one of the Del Castillo's men at arms was killed. Guy, sensing that things were getting out of hand, found his sword and confronted the rogue revelers. They came at him at once, and the youth turned the three blades away as frightened festival goers looked on. After a ten minute melee, Guy stood alone, two of his attackers dead, and the third too injured to find his feet. Lord Javier Del Castillo, not wishing to lose face, or offend Yuscat, knighted Guy on the spot, proclaiming him the Knight of Autumn, and granting him the honor of being one of Yuscat's Messengers.

    The moniker stuck when he returned to Hebron, and when one of the King's Men retired, Guy, then eighteen, was promoted to the Order of the Dawn, swearing his life in defense of his uncle and cousins. He has served in that capacity since, one of seven, in the most prestigious order of the realm. His relationship with Calien strengthened, and by order of his virtue and good deeds, Guy has been kept close to the castle in his service until just recently, when he escorted the Princess Vera to White Coast to visit the Durand branch of her family. It was on his return from that trip that Guy learned of his uncle's death, and returned to Hebron to help Calien ascend to his throne.

    Writing Sample:

    By all rights, the two of them should have been on the road. They were less than a day out from Hebron now, and Guy was eager to get back to the capital. The princess, however, was tired. And so the fair-haired knight was content to enjoy the summer day lying by the stream that ran beside the cottage. Epsilon was also lazing his day away, drinking from the brook, and occasionally wandering over to pilfer one of the carrots that the knight kept on the blanket beside him. Guy pretended not to notice, and let the large white charger sneak away with his prize unmolested. There was oats to be had in the stable, of course, but Epsilon preferred to be out and about with his master, and Guy enjoyed the horse’s company.

    They had been on the road for five days now, returning from the princess’ trip to White Coast to visit with her aunts. The weather had held, and they had made good time to this point, and so when her highness declared that she would take a respite before returning to the capital, Guy had not objected. He had his book, a romantic history of Old Tuneric, and nice bottle of wine, to go with his feast of fresh fruits and vegetables, though the latter was now covered in Epsilon’s slobber, leaving Guy only the fruit as a real option. Closing the tome, the Knight of Autumn rolled over onto his back and pulled his hands behind his head as he stared at the bright blue sky above him. “Home tomorrow, Epsilon,” he told the charger. “To bad we had to miss the feast. Imagine, envoys from a land across the sea.” The horse snorted as though he were not impressed by the travelers. “Well, I still think it would have been neat,” Guy countered, with an innocent smile.

    Epsilon was meandering back to the pile of carrots, with a wary look in his big brown eyes. His neck stretched to a length that seemed impossible to Guy, as though if his hooves came no closer, his presence would be overlooked by the knight. As the charger’s white teeth extended from his mouth to gently pull a carrot from the pile, Guy rolled over and pressed the palm of his hand down on the head of the beast. “Shhh,” he whispered. “Do you hear that?” The horse’s ears went up, and his eyes darted from side to side, but his teeth remained clenched about the carrot. “Hoofbeats. Up, Epsilon.” The knight released the horse, whose head snapped back up with a flourish as he wheeled about. Guy was atop him in a flash, rounding on the cottage. The dust in the distance told that the Knight of Autumn would arrive before his counterpart, and for that Guy was thankful.

    He dismounted as soon as they arrived, and drew his longsword. There was no sense in trying to fight from atop Epsilon when he wasn’t saddled. The charger loped about, not wanting to leave his rider’s side if it came to a fight. But as the other rider closed, Guy could see that he was flying a banner that marked him as a Knight of the Shield, a King’s man. As he reigned up, the man sprang off his horse and knelt before Guy. Though the Knight of Autumn was technically the superior in rank, he had always felt odd when the senior knights insisted on showing obeisance. “Rise, friend. You’ve been riding hard. Would you care for some refreshment?” Guy reached for the reins of both horses, but was stopped by the older man. He held out a sealed letter to the younger, and Guy looked at him warily. As he broke the seal and read the contents, his face went pale as milk. “Is this true,” he asked the older knight, who only nodded in response.

    The King was dead. “Inside. There’s stew on the hearth, and wine on the table. Rest, and refresh yourself. I shall notify the princess. We’ll ride back within the hour.” The older knight nodded and made his way inside the cottage. Guy looked up at Epsilon with tear-filled eyes. His Uncle, Cailen’s father, the king was dead. “We’re going home, friend,” he told the horse. He patted the horse’s nose and led him to the stable so that he could saddle him. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, though not necessarily to the charger. “I’m so sorry.”

    Family Genealogy:

    -Theodor Durand -- Kaylee Thurmond
         -Penelope Durand -- Daniel Walden
         -Henry Durand -- Jocelyn Kade
         -Talbot Durand -- Laurie Gartens
         -Camden Durand -- Odette Ryan
              -Guy Durand -- Margaret Vaughan
                   -Adabella Durand – Aramis Shellten
                        -Princess Shellten
                        -Calien Shellten
                        -Princess Shellten
                   -Eric Durand – Lucette Taylor
                        -Austin Durand
                        -Camden Durand
                        -Celina Durand
                   -Hector Durand – Georgina Bennett
                        -Guy Durand
                        -Daughter Durand
                        -Daughter Durand
                   -Darien Durand
              -Aaron Durand -- Tatania Ayers
                   -Lawrence Durand -- Samantha Holland
                        -Female Cousin Durand
                        -Female Cousin Durand
                        -Male Cousin Durand
                   -Ashley Durand
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