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Character Name: Gisela Darktide, Priestess of Night
Character Age: 23
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 20th
Current Location: Hebron
House: Darktide
Banner Appearance:

House Description

Non-existent. There is no House Darktide that can be found anywhere in Tuneric History. Whether it is an invention of Gisela's, a cover for a peasant past, or a family from across the sea, nobody at court can be sure.

Played By/Face Claim: Alexa Ray Joel


Dark hair and dark eyes highlight a sturdy frame on Gisela Darktide. Her appearance is mysterious and brooding, as though she is scowling, unless she attempts otherwise. She has a seductive smile when she uses it, and a gait that seems to beckon attention. She is usually dressed in purples, blacks, and reds, as befits her deity.


Gisela is confident, imposing, and seductive. A stalwart defender of her faith, which she believes has been slighted in the last two centuries, due to the actions of her predecessors, Gisela can be argumentative and persuasive in matters of religion. A stout feminist, Gisela is never demure in dealing with men, and in fact will spur other women to be more confrontational in their dealings with their lords.

Having no family, Gisela often suffers from loneliness, which she usually compensates for by surrounding herself with people who either worship Mink-Asa, or whom she thinks she can convert. She is devious, manipulative, and prone to bouts of violence.


Except for recent months, nothing is known of Gisela Darktide's history. She appeared in Hebron only a short while ago, and has since been preaching the virtues of the Lady of Night. She has come to court to meet with the King in order to promote her struggling faith in the city. While she is generally shunned by the populace, those who are overly ambitious or fearful often seek out her company or counsel, and she has kept a small residence in the city, for lack of a proper temple, which she struggles to raise.

Writing Sample:

The woman knelt alone in her small room, surrounded by the sigil she had drawn in the center of the floor. The moonlight flew in through the windows, and red and purple candles cast shades about the enclave. All was in readiness. All that was required now, was a visitor.

The man had met the woman in the street only a few hours earlier, and had pursued her foolishly. In his eyes, she was a piece of meat. Little did he know, that in her eyes, that's all he was as well. When he knocked softly on the door, Gisela Darktide smiled and rose. Striding quietly to the door, she opened it against the night and greeted her caller. "My Lord, please, enter." The man glanced about the street warily to see if he was being watched, and then hurried inside. He hung his coat on a hook and then turned to face her. For a long moment, his eyes took her in, before he stepped closer.

"My lady. You look lovely. Torture me no longer, I beg you. Let us have a kiss." He reached for her longingly, and pressed his lips to hers. She did not struggle. She drank in his warmth, knowing how short-lived it would be. He was impatient, hungry, and she could feel his mouth crushing against hers. Gisela Darktide still didn't understand why men felt the need to be so rough. Perhaps they thought it their duty, or their right. They were mistaken on either count.

When he pulled away and reached for the laces of her dress, she stopped him. "Wait, my lord. Another kiss first. Steel." Her brown eyes flashed, and his went wide in shock, as the glinting blade slid between his ribs, piercing his lung. He gasped immediately, and Gisela could feel the hot lifeblood on her hand. She spun him with ease, and pulled the dagger across his throat. He fell to his knees immediately and collapsed into the center of the painted sigil. She raised her hands to the heavens and offered her sacrifice to the Goddess of Death, reciting long prayers in a foreign or ancient tongue, as one by one the candles blew out about the room, until only a pool of blood remained, illuminated by the light of the moon.

Family Genealogy: